Sunday, November 2, 2008

Riptides - Sunset Strip, Single

Where it all began, recorded in Brisbane and released on the
Go-Betweens Able Label. I can remember hearing in the
early 80's that ZZZ had to keep their copy under lock and
key as copies were selling for $100. The song 77 Sunset Strip is
a classic Brisbane song, how is it bands write such perfect
pop songs right at the beginning of their career's.
A bit more riptide history from

The Riptides formed in 1977 as The Grudge.
The band emerged from the Architecture Department
of the University of Queensland. In 1978, The Grudge
changed names to, firstly, The Neon Steal and then
The Numbers. The Numbers were part of the burgeoning
Brisbane punk/new wave scene which also gave rise to
The Leftovers, The Apartments, The Go-Betweens,
The Survivors, Razar, The Humans and The X-Men.
In September 1978, The Numbers issued the rare
`Sunset Strip' EP (500 copies) on The Go-Betweens'
Able label. The tracks `Sunset Strip', `Magic Castle'
and `Rules of Love' were punchy and energetic and
featured a brilliant, English-flavoured 1960s-inspired
pop sound.
In early 1979, Robert Vickers left The Numbers.
He traveled to New York where he joined The Colors;
in 1983, he joined The Go-Betweens. Mark Callaghan
switched to bass, and The Numbers became The Riptides
(in order to avoid confusion with a Sydney band also
called The Numbers). The band remixed the `Sunset Strip' EP
and reissued it in July 1979,credited to The Riptides
(in a pressing of 2000 copies).

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Anonymous said...

Wow, great stuff. Thanks so much.

This is the first of the Riptides I've really listened to (I'm ashamed to say). Brilliant.

Does anyone know of a source for their mini-lp Sweopt Away or the last/first studio record Wave Rock?

Thanks again,


bob nebe said...

Another bobby, glad to introduce you to the world of the riptides, I've posted wave rock, but I haven't got swept away. I'd be glad if anyone could help with that too.
ciao bob

Anonymous said...

Great single Bob, I also have the single which I purchased at MissingLink in Melbourne back in the late 70's they were a great band live too

bob nebe said...

Look after that one new race,
their like gold now
ciao bob

Cloudlandgirl said...

Hi Bob. It's an interesting article and brings back memories. I have this original single as well as lots of singles from that era - Razar, The Sharks,etc. I went to many great zzz Joint Efforts at Cloudland. It was an era in Brisvegas never to be repeated. I also have the original Sex Pistols Never Mind The Bollocks imported album along with other original albums - Ramones Rocket to Russia, etc. I think the time has come when I can't store these any longer and I want to sell them. Can anyone suggest the best place to get a price on these and sell them? Any help would be appreciated.

bob nebe said...

Rocking horse records has a reasonable new and 2nd hand vinyl section they could give you an idea on what they would pay for em, that would be less than what they would sell them for of course.
Selling things like that yourself could be tricky, and if they are collectible then they will pay for em. It sounds like stuff their clientele would buy, ciao bob

Anonymous said...

is possible reupload this single ?
thanks in advance .

bob nebe said...

back up

Unknown said...

Does anyone remember this music video? Would like to use a few seconds in a documentary but having trouble sourcing who filmed this!