Friday, January 30, 2009

Robert Forster - Mt Buller, ATP, 10-01-09

Another fine recording from the Mt Buller, ATP this
time from Robert Forster and his wonderful band.
Much the same as the Brisbane gig with some
changes most notably the VU cover.
Many thanks to the taper crankingamps for his work.

Robert Forster - guitar, vocals
Glenn Thompson - guitar, keyboards, backing vocals
Adele Pickvance - bass, backing vocals
Matthew Harrison - drums

01. Temptation Inside Your Heart [Velvet Underground]
02. 121
03. Head Full Of Steam
04. Pandanus
05. Surfing Magazines
06. Quiet Heart
07. Make Her Day
08. German Farmhouse
09. Demon Days
10. Darlinghurst Nights

Download Here


Unknown said...

mmmmmmmm looking forward to this :)

bob nebe said...

you are a man of good taste , of course
ciao bob

bob nebe said...

I have some great rob stuff to post soon chuck
ciao bob

Anonymous said...

Genius. Thanks so much for the post. Very much appreciated.

The glut of live/boot Forster posts in the last few months have made me revisit all his solo output. I know I'm preaching to the converted on this one, but those records have suddenly clicked for me in a way that they never really have before.

I think I used to regard the Rob Forster albums in the shadow of all the Go-Betweens stuff. Now they've stepped out into the light for me.

Thanks to all concerned and may 2009 shine on for T.S.S.S.

Always in debt,

Bobby, Melbourne.

bob nebe said...

Thanks Bobby, I'm glad your seeing Rob in that new light, I'm sure many have taken a while to let him come out of the gobs shadow.
ciao bob