Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Small World Experience.

Also from Darren comes this 4 track 7" by Brisbane Indy band
Small World Experience. Heres what Darren has to say about it.

Loved this the moment I heard 4zzz playing it around
'89 on the new release show.
Hunted down my very own
copy from the scrabble shop
that used to be under the
zoo in the valley.
Small world also put out a cd called
"Shelf-Life" in
'94 think there was a copy down at
rocking horse for under $10!
Hunt down Shelf-Life
as well as it is excellent.

cheers, Darren

Coming out of Brisbane 1987 Small World Experience are a
wonderful indy pop band which I wasn't very familiar with,
the beauty of this blog is how I get introduced to as much
fine music as I introduce others to.
They most recently played the 1st night of the Brisbane
Sound gigs, the one night I missed, by Darren's account
it was very good.
They have a web site Here which has all sorts of great
stuff, a band history and even videos.
Also a myspace site here.
Thanks again Darren.

Band Members

Pat Ridgewell:
singer, guitar, songs. now living in brisbane.
hometown: toowoomba

Ian Wadley:
drums, sometime bass & guitar.
also plays drums & guitar in minimum chips,
guitar in the bird blobs & bass in function.
lives in melbourne.
hometown: brisbane. in swe from the outset

Julian patterson:
bass, sometime drums.
also plays guitar + drums in minimum chips,

Download Here


Duncan said...

Wow - great to hear these tracks again. The first one - "security" used to be on a cartridge at 4zzz before the EP came out. The wrapper on the 'cart' was a colour photocopy of a $100 bill and I recall back announcing it as "cash" at that stage.

Duncan said...

oh bother - it was "the flow of cash" that was on a cart, wrapped in a $100, not "security".

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Hi Duncan, I remember those 8 track cartridges in the studio when i announced on the Latin American show.
What show or slot did you do?
ciao bob

Duncan said...

Hi Bob, I was on the graveyard shift - both at St Lucia and in Toowong. It was a pretty regular once a fortnight for a while. I didn't have a car, so couldn't get up to the transmitter station during the time that they were broadcasting from there, except for the very last day. After that, my shifts were never quite as regular in the Toowong studio.

The very last shift I did was with a poetry show, which was chaotic, with lots of bad language in the poems. I think the show got thrown off the air but maybe they just found a better turntablist!

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

So you lived through the campus expulsion, I only worked in the Toowong studio, with some fantastic Guatemalan friends. That whole zzz being kicked of uni times was quite historic, worked out well in the end, as the station really became community based after that.
ciao bob

Anonymous said...

re up please!

80's Best said...

please check the download link....
Excellent blog and great music that share.
Greeting.. :)

yclept said...

Hi Bob - could you PLEASE upload Small World Experience 7" ????
Been wanting to hear this for ages. Thanks so much for an amazing blog. regards Paul

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Back up again!!

Anonymous said...

Bob! Thank you so much for this excellent blog!!!

Anonymous said...


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Anonymous said...

Pls pls pls re-up, links are down again.

Bob said...

back up

spavid said...

Could we get another re-up? Thanks.

Bob Nebe said...

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Raga said...

The last one for now Bob, A reup would be fantastic.

Here's a collection of some of the stuff I've got floating around, if you'd be interested in any of it:

Thanks once again Bob.


Bob Nebe said...

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