Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Birthday Party - 20/05/1983 - Storey Hall - RMIT - Melbourne, Australia

From the tail end of their career, only months away from
calling it a day, we have recently digitalized recording of
the Birthday Party from a live radio broadcast that comes
our way via Mr K.
The Birthday Party were one of the most influential bands
to come out of Australia, they had a huge impact here in
Brisbane and of course many of the members went on to
bigger and better things.
What else can I say the bands on fire and even through
I have seen Nick play many times over the years I
am rather envious of those who got see the Birthday
Party in the flesh.

A big thanks to Mr K who I believe saw the Boys Next Door
in the flesh, which is possibly more impressive!

Track List
01 - Deep in the Woods
02 - Jennifer's Veil
03 - Junkyard
04 - Six Strings That Drew Blood
05 - Sonny's Burning
06 - She's Hit
07 - Wild World

Recorded by : 3RRR
Date : 20/05/1983
Location : Storey Hall - RMIT - Melbourne, Australia
From cassette : Thanks to Tony Johnstone for the tape

Download Here


Nostro said...

Brilliant...I have this on tape, along with the Boys Next Door live, but cannot play them these days. Also have lots of other tapes, with odd bands & live tracks from some of those music mags we no longer see. Actually, I think this was the era I was doing the 'graveyard shift' on rrr.

So pleased to be able to hear this once more. Cheers!

Mona said...

Got a DVD of the Boys Next Door at various Melb locations. Will post to you in the next week or so.

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

That is wicked my friend! And when talking of someone to be jealous of the bands they saw in the flesh, you are top of the list! I dont suppose you saw the Birthday party as well?

Mona said...

Many a time in London Bob!

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

ARR when you wern't watching Joy Division or someother legendary band I guess!

Mylene McSnapper said...

The Boys Next Door did a live to Air on 3RRR at Storey Hall supporting Mondo Rock. After every song there's dead silence and Nick keeps on telling the audience how many more songs they've got to play. It was just after The Door Door came out but half of the songs were walls of noise. Someone's gotta have a high quality tape of it.

Mona said...

If you mean this:
Coming at you very soon...

Mona said...

OOPs! It's that first gig I have not the RRR Hexmass one. You still want that?

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Absolutly Mona!
They all sound great!

Anonymous said...

I was at the first BND gig at Swinburne. The Babeez played first and they were long haired hippies playing 12 bar blues. Then the BND came on and that tape is extremely accurate so i say no more. Last were The Reals which were basically The pre-Negatives with Ollie Olsen on lead guitar and they sounded like The Stooges and I think we all walked out.

Anonymous said...

Awesome. Just plain awesome. A great band at the pinnacle of their power. Too bad it was all downhill from here for Mr. Cave! Thanks for posting!