Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Mystery of Sixes -Downstairs Dawwg!

I found this 89 tour poster in the dungeon the other day and thought it was worthy of sharing. I also found an old gigzine from a nightclub called Sensoria on George street circa 85. From memory 4ZzZ ran a competition to name a new zed club and Sensoria won - the cabaret voltaire song being very popular of the time. The gigzine has a series of short n sweet articles about bands touring at the time including  the Milky Bar Kids, Five Hanks, Reels, Scruff the cat, Kan Kan Kaos and this article about the Mystery of Sixes. They had a bad run there with negative publicity but this was eventually smoothed over as the article says. The music from the previous recent posts speaks for itself - absolutely sheet hot !!!

Download the Sensoria gigzine here