Thursday, March 17, 2011

Screaming Tribesman - Self Titled EP

Another fantastic post from Matt,
the Screaming Tribesman are one of Brisbane's greatest.

"... formed from the ashes of The 31st (Mick Medew, guitar)
and The
Funthings (John Hartley, bass and Murray
Sheppard, drums) the debut
offering from this seminal
oz rock institution. This lineup gigged
around Brisbane
from its inception in 1981 till the end of 1982, before

relocating to Sydney, cutting the classic "Igloo" single
in 1983 (which
was written by Medew and Ron Peno
from their days together in The 31st)
and promptly split.
Medew resurfaced with a revamped Tribesmen in
matty talent

Download Here


radioshirley said...

thanks Matt!

Garageland said...

Trans 43 is a KILLER TRACK. greetings from the garage

Anonymous said...

MAny thanks. Never heard this rarity till today! Not their best but in despite of a poor sound, good songs in the same vein as Igloo.


Holly said...

Thanks for this!

chuck said...

Murray Shepherd organised a remaster of these songs (+1 more from these sessions) for the funtastic tribesman collection "the savage beat of the screaming tribesman" that you can still get here -

It's great to have the original version too so thanks very much Matt - keep em coming :)

Nostro said...

Now this one brings back some great memories...

Not sure what happened to my copy, think it ended up in a record store in Melbourne with a bunch of other rarities. So glad I never entertained the idea of selling any LP's.

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Just picked up a $2 copy on the weekend! Sweet.

Bob said...

Whoo thats a bargin!