Friday, March 18, 2011

Mystery Of Sixes - Single 7" ST. 1982

"this Brisbane band is a little more on the post-punk side.
They definitely live in their own world,
especially when the Arabic – style vocals on the title song
are taken into account. The lyrics have Satanic overtones."
Jello Biafra

The Mystery Of Sixes was one of Brisbane's more celebrated
post punk band, they were flogged on 4 ZzZ, the title track
from this their 1st single was very popular. I'm sure I saw them
play a ZzZ market day back then and many people have great
memories of this band.
The Mystery of Sixes with Black Flag inspired inner-Brisbane
band Public Execution supported the Dead Kennedys in
Brisbane in 1983.
The Mystery of Sixes broke up in 1985.
Now over to Matt who ripped this 3 track single and
his recollections, thanks Matt

"...largely unknown outside Brisbane,
Mystery of Sixes could only have
ever been a Brisbane ban(ne)d. A product of their
environment, they were flanked by trouble and
controversy at every turn. One of the few bands
from the period to actually turn out some vinyl,
the single in '82 and EP in'83, these records stand
the test of time with remarkable ease- as
does the seared memory of singer Bez prowling
the stage in nothing but agrass skirt!!
Lap it up boys and girls..."

matty talent

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