Wednesday, March 30, 2011

the Screaming Tribesmen - I've Got a Feeling

I heard Mick Medew do an interview with Robin from the 4ZzZ radio show - Live and Local, last saturday arvo. Mick was doing a gig up the road and dropped in for a chat about the gig and mentioned he is teaming up with Jeff Lovejoy soon for an acoustic based mini cd. He also performed an acoustic number called Broken Hearted Blues. Sadly I was unable to tape it as I was in the car :/
Mick Medew and the Rumours have been giging alot lately. I still havent got the last cd - All Your Love 
but the stuff I've heard on radio sounds great.
 This Tribesman single is a different lineup from the first E.P. recently posted- including Chris Masuak from Radio Birdman and the Hitmen fame, and Bob Wackley from Razar. A good article on a great site can be found here detailing the bands evolution.

A couple of clippings from an old "On the Street" Sydney street paper from August 1987 showing Voodoo Lust as the support band on this tour. Both bands were being managed by Zeus.

Download single here.
update: link removed as re-issues are possible.