Friday, March 25, 2011

Subsonic Barflies - Questions B/W Better / My Baby Stole My car

Matt has ripped this most intriguing sounding Brisbane band's
7", 3 track single. They existed between 1986 to 89 and released
this one single.
Thanks Matt.

"... comprising two princely weasals, two convicted
over the death of a
nun, and one lover of vampires,
this unlikely brisbane quintet had few

options but to become a rock'n'roll band.
Recorded in 1987 at
Springbrook Recording Studios.
Memorably tore up the stage The Refec.

supporting Johnny Thunders.
Proofs in the pudding...'


Download Here


bazzil said...

I remember seeing them at some place across the road from what was known as "Amyl's Nitespace at The National Hotel" Ahhh the memories come flooding back.
I might even have this single ... I'll have to check the rack.


Unknown said...

I also saw this band a few times in Brisbane and they were great, pretty sure the lead guitarist worked at the old commonwealth bank in the valley plaza



Anonymous said...

Hi Jim, thanks for the comments on the single , nice to see it appreciated 25 years later. By the way Tim the lead guitarist worked in the old telecom building. The band did record a second singl;e that I believe was better than the first, but it never saw the light of day. Cheers Mark ( who played rhythm in the barflies.)

Anonymous said...

Mark, do you still have a recording of the unreleased second single? I would love to hear it!