Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Freaksville / Freak Circus / Get Freaked were all Splurt related events that led to the release of the two cds in this post.
Freaktones is a compilation CD of Brisbane bands that emerged in the early 1990's to showcase what this little town had on offer at that time.

It features bands -  Blowhard, Valhalla, A.I.M., The Fred Band, Fat, Crazy Alice, Queer, Onyas, Acid World, Hamlet of the Sane, Spillage, Not From There, Filter and Inebriated.  Some good sounds here, sadly the Fred Band track isnt one of their best.     

Download here

The Get Freaked cd is similiar vintage but this one is VERY METAL!..  a bit loud for my ears but the kids tell me they dig it..... .
Bands here include - Sister Creep, Shunt, Crypt, Crash Agony, Anti Social, Valhalla, Kaos, Misery, Travis, Heresy, Killen God, Fishbox, Sarbiem, Vile, Inebriated, Crepitation, Incinerator, Emporium and Duskorture.
Download here