Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Skel-E-tones - cooking with george

Not to be confused with the recent cali band skeletones - the Skel-e-tones were a Brisbane band circa 1984-86 that were amazing. The song "Wild Youth" from this collection is one of those rare songs you can play 20 times in a row and still feel like hitting the repeat button.

This ep is from the Cooking With George box set of 1984 that featured 11 bands from around the nation. The flip of this ep features Huxton Creepers.

Skel-e-tones songs - Auto Go Go, Never Never, and Wild Youth.

Huxton Creepers songs - Slow Attack and Happy Days.

Download Ep here.


Lee Lee said...

the whole cooking with george series was excellent !!

shadreck said...

Thanks for the ep. Appreciated

Mr B said...

I had this EP. It's great to hear the Huxton Creepers again. they were one of Melbourne's best live bands in the mid-80s.

Andy Tag said...

I just bought this box set, I haven't played it yet,I will let you know what I think later on,also just got some celibate rifles and psychedelic furs and V spy v spy.