Thursday, March 24, 2011

Voodo Lust - Shake Shake, Hey Yeh! B/W No No No No

Matt has ripped this the first single from Brisbane legends
Voodoo Lust and Chuck has added a couple of handbills
and a link to a great interview.
Thanks Matt and Chuck!

"... debut single from brislads on sundown records
from (i think) 1985
(no date on the record!).
sublime rockin' pop which you'll need a

crowbar to extract from the auditory cortex...
hey, a problem shared is
a problem halved apparently.
Re-released by Citadel Records in 1986 upon

their relocating to Sydney. a true joy to share..."

Chuck sent me these hand bills and this link to
a 2006 interview when the band reformed for some
gigs, Here

I can't find the re-release at Citadel anymore,
but check out the Voodoo Lust myspace for more
music and heaps of photos Here

Download Here


YankeeBoy said...

Thank you. Thank you. THANK YOU!! This is one of my all-time favorite records!

bazzil said...

Thanks for this, haven't heard it for a long time. I remember seeing them at some place that used to be above "Mac's 409 Club" in George Street (Suspiria maybe) Hey, it was a long time ago!!


chuck said...

sensoria maybe bazzil. - found a "wot's on" fanzine/ gig guide in the dungeon the other day, I'll post up later, that focuses on sensoria activities circa '85.

radioshirley said...

ahhh ... with wickedly wonderful tunes spun by the fabulous jane grigg ... sensoria nights ... is my teleporter ready?

bazzil said...

Sensoria it was!! Thanks Chuck

Mack said...

I used to do the crappy little folded A4 newsletter for MAC's 409 Club. The boss got the licence for the downstairs bar by saying it was the 'Music Appreciation Club' & a legal loophole allowed you to sell alcohol on that basis. Anyone cd have a go. Upstairs Sensoria had a door charge ddepending on who was playing. My pals Dain & Felicity did the artwork.

Anonymous said...

Always loved this single. The drummer on this is now in the Cosmic Psychos.