Monday, March 28, 2011

The Bent Elbows - St Lucia Road EP

Brisbane band the Bent Elbows were part of the music scene
from the late 70's into the early 80's.
Based in and around St Lucia and its uni district
When asked to sum up The Bent Elbows,
lead singer Tony ‘Stirker’ Baker said
“The EP St Lucia Road epitomized our early life.
Everything we encountered in those early years growing
up that close to the university, physically a part of it
and historically, but not of its culture was a unique experience.”

Their biggest gig was supporting Midnight Oil
at a University of Queensland 4 ZzZ Joint Effort.
The band feature in this SSS blog post as part of
the 4ZzZ eternally ours radio broadcast Here

And read all about the band Here

Thanks to Matt for this Ep now over to Matt!

"... literal pub rock from brisbane.
Recorded in march 1981, the title
not surprisingly, enjoyed celebrity status
amongst the 4zzz
fraternity at the time...
and good on johnny gray for earning sleeve

credit as the bands "alcoholic adviser..."


Download Here


Anonymous said...

So what are the fabulous Baker boys up to these days. If you are reading this Matt, are you still in Sydney?

This is Anita from Carmody Road, BTW.

John said...

Any chance to hear their second 45?

Anonymous said...

Anita who