Monday, March 7, 2011

Friends Of Folk Festival - 6/03/2011

Yesterdays 3rd annual Friends of Folk Festival was great!
The first of these events I've attended and very enjoyable.
Set in the historic old Museum here in Brisbane, on what
turned out to be a fantastic Brisbane day. The main draw
for me was the headline Robert Forster who had the whole
band with him and put on a fine, intimate show.
But I also got to finely see the legendary Good Ship.

With an outdoor main stage and 3 large rooms with stages inside,
as well as music there was art and stand up comedy.
And then there was the Good Ship!

The Good Ship are a large and very dressy version of the Pogues
The program blurb on them describes them as
a seething maelstrom of decadent musicality,
with 8 to 9 members
on stage at any one time
and a whole heap of archaic instrumentation

from mandola, lagerphone, fiddle and trumpet
to accordion.
This sense of joy and anarchy hasn’t
been lost on audiences and
after only a year on
the Brisbane scene, their rousing live shows have

seen them quickly snag a strong fan base.

Then it was off to the main stage for the main event.
Rob was in fine form and the band was magic as usual.
Playing heaps of song from old and new Gobs as
well as old and new solo material.
The started with the classic boy chases girl song
Head Full of Steam and I'll try to remember in no
particular order.
Pandanus, 121, The Circle, I Can Do, Cryin Love, If It Rains,
Head Full of Steam, Spring Rain, Clouds, German Farmhouse,
Surfing Magazines, Darlinghurst Nights, Born To A Family
and ended on Here Comes A City
It was also a fantastic photo opportunity!
We had to shoot off after Rob and Co finished so I missed
the acts after, I would have loved to see the Gin Club,
but another time!


chuck said...

If you dont buy an audio recording device soon my head will explode!
I couldnt make it myself but thanks for the photos as usual :)

miss V said...


You have some cool stuff here..Keep posting


Andrew said...

I went to the Friends of Folk myself. The crowd was bit small, but I had a great time. I agree, the Good Ship have become one of my favourite live bands recently. The Gin Club weren't bad as closers, either.

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

I wish I could have stuck around for the gin club!