Saturday, December 6, 2008

4zzz Eternally Ours - Part 2 Brisbane bands 1975 - 1995

Part 2 1979 to 1981

A very exciting time here in Brisbane
a lot of stuff happening round this time.
The original Saints fold after 3 Lps,
Brisbane's version of punk rock starts and by
the end has morphed into post punk.
I can remember hearing the Sex pistols in 1978
and after getting my 1st FM radio Christmas that
year discovering a whole world of music that
was vibrant and exciting. The same was happening
across Brisbane and many people likewise inspired
started bands.

Bands appearing in order
The Leftovers - Cigarettes and Alcohol
Sharks - Freud
The Saints - Brisbane (security city)
The Upsets - Back to Afghanistan
Humans - Teen Idol
42nd street - work it out
Razar - Shutdown Countdown
The End - Just Skin
Died Pretty - Just Skin
Fun Things - Lipstick
Swell Guys - Songs
Toywatchs - Too Long
Xero - Love and Anarchy
Xero - Behind the Chagall
The Lamingtons - My Throughs

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Anonymous said...

If anyone is after a copy of this record it's being auctioned on Ebay right now.

Along with Out of Nowhere and a few other items likely to be of interest to readers of this blog (like me).