Monday, December 15, 2008

David Bridie - Live at the wireless

A wonderful recording I obtained from Chuck, haven't
Much info on this so hears what Chuck has to say.

This was broadcast just after act of free choice came out
in some form of surround sound format apparently.
A big part of pre-broadcast hype...
surround or not its excellent quality,
this concert gets a good workout in this house...
I've listened to it a hundred times more often than
the act free choice cd.

01 - Sad
02 - Dive
03 - Breath
04 - The Koran, The Ghan and a Yarn
05 - I Dare Not Say a Word
06 - Kerosene
08 - Salt
09 - Act of Free Choice

Download Here


Anonymous said...

Whoa! Really is a raging return to Not Drowning Waving concert style (saw them with Peter Gabriel 1994) - lots of energy vs laid back and sort of tastefully classy. Thanks.

bob nebe said...

Glad you like it radhock, Davids approach to music is always amazing, but I like tastefully classy as a description
ciao bob

Anonymous said...

Tastefully classy: not quite sleazoid cocktail bar easy listening, but heading that way

Anonymous said...

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Unknown said...

Gday Bob, just gearing up for winter in bonny scotland gotta love it.

Would love to get a listen to David Bridie's Live at the wireless album any chance you could repost this one please?


Just got Soliloquy and Wet Taxis of Louis T. wow you just cant get Wet Taxis music amazing thanks. Have been keeping in touch with Louis over the years and he hasnt been well but is currently on the mend.

Take care again Ace

bob nebe said...

Back up Andy,

bob nebe said...

back up

Mark said...

Bob...kind would so greatly appreciated if you might have a moment to repost is one of my favourite albums and I would dearly love to hear this.

Anonymous said...

Happy 10th birthday to this post for yesterday!
Any chance of a repost of the link Bob?