Friday, December 5, 2008

Eternally Yours 4ZZZ - Best of Brisbane Bands, 20th anniversary part 1

Part 1 1975 to 1979

"I think maybe the reason most of the bands
were so derivative was
because they lacked
imagination, I don't think you need to come

from a particular place to do something."
Ed Kuepper.

The first part of this wild 9 hour ride starts slow
it gives you a fair idea what Brisbane was like
before the Saints turned it on its head.
The cover bands, the glam acts, Brisbane mid 70s
was a sleepy town that had never stepped out.
It was out of this environment that came the
most primitive band in the world.
At the right time, but not the right place
the Saints soon were abducted by EMI
to replace the Sex Pistols, whom they had just
sacked and before they knew it they were in London
and the few others left behind had ideas of their own.
Broadcast - 1/12/1995.

Artists in order of appearance

Episode 1
Railroad Gin - Matter of Time
James Elliot - Space Demons
Moonlight - Moonlight Lady
Carol Lloyd Band - All the Good Things
The Saints - Do the Robot
The Saints - (I'm) Stranded
The Saints - Erotic Neurotic
The Go-Betweens - Karen
The Riptides - 77 Sunset Strip
The Survivors - Something Else
Razar - Task Force

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Bobby said...

Wow, really excited to hear this series.

Thanks so much (in advance) for posting.


Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

No Problem Bobby, theres a lot of very rare stuff on these shows as well as interviews and recollections
ciao bob

Anonymous said...

"Spaaaaace demons,
Holy horrors, no!"

Bastard! :)

I've been trying to shake that song for years, and just when I thought I was safe....

Thanks, mate.

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

It all paints a sad picture of Brisy in the early 70s.
Sorry for that :>) cob
ciao bob

mr.kenneth said...

awww ... Space Demons ... LOL!

James Elliot played our Sandgate High School dance in '75 or '76. Gawd ... did we rock that night ;) I also remember a few local hall dances we trolled along to where this band was playing too. Lawdy ... were we ahem ... "fans" ... I s'pose so ... ;)

I remember the Sandgate High dance was a costume affair and the singer judged me with the best costume for the night.

Guess which band I was into at the time! Post dance snap HERE ... and yes ... my own hair mixed with wallpaper paste! Egads!

I think I still have the James Elliot single on RCA around here somewheres ... and no bob ... I dare not inflict the turntable with it one more time ...

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Is that some kind of early split enz look. LOL, great photo ken.
That kind of look would have got you beaten up in Sandgate back then, my favorite dress up was 1960s batman but no photo sorry.
ciao bob

mr.kenneth said...

yes bob ... I was going for the Split Enz look ... and to think I rode my pushbike from Shorncliffe to Sandgate High that night! Its a wonder I didn't cause accidents, let alone get pulled over by the cops or a carful of hoons ... LOL!

Kind of "The League of Gentlemen" ... wierdo cycling through a little seaside village. *chortle*

As freaky as the look was that night, it did garnish me a few street cred points with some of the "cooler" kids there. One of them taped me the Ramones first album not long after it hit town thinking I'd really get into it! Which I did.

And there you go ...

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

I know what its like to be a ground breaker, I'm sure I was the first boy to get his ear pierced at clontarf high, which of course got me into all kinds of trouble. An my music tastes also, loved that first ramones album, got it the same time I got the saints first album.
Never quite the same after that
ciao bob

Anonymous said...

Just listening to the show again and dropped in to say thanks once more.

Clontarf, huh?

All us bad kids went to Redcliffe High, where the acting principal, a horrid git nicknamed Smiley, would routinely supply copies of those school portraits to the coppers.


Jason said...

Hi Bob. Is it possible to re-up this series please. Cheers

Jason said...

Hi Bob would it please be possible to re-up this series. Lots of great memories here. Thanks.

Jason said...

Hi Bob. Is it possible to post new links to this series. Brings back some great memories. Cheers