Friday, December 5, 2008

4ZzZ turns 33

4ZzZ became the first FM community broadcaster in Australia
when it started transmitting on the 8th of December 1975 from
the University of Queensland
as 4ZzZ.Forcibly evicted from UQ in December 1988,
4ZzZ broadcast from Coronation Drive in Toowong for several
As 4ZzZ outgrew the premises there, the stations devoted
subscribers and supporters raised $30,000 in 1992
for a deposit to
purchase the premises in Fortitude Valley,
where we broadcast from today.

A special post to celebrate 4ZzZ turning 33 and entering its
messianic year, I remember turning 33, vaguely.
All that talk about what have I done with my life
Jesus announced He was the messiah when He was 33.
So maybe big things from ZzZ this year, who knows.
For the post I have combed through the cobwebs
of my wine cellar to photograph my rare bottle
of ZzZ Red. I purchased this on the 15th Anniversary
of the beginning in 1990.
Possibly the only bottle in existence and I was assured
by the fellow I brought it off, that it would be worth
much money one day, so make your offers.
For the next few posts I have a very 4ZzZ series, 9 hours
in 9 parts, its a radio broadcast special called "Eternally Ours"-
Brisbane bands 1975 - 1995 and as such it is the most
comprehensive information collection on Brisbane music
for that period you will ever find.


Duncan said...

Happy Birthday Triple Zed!