Sunday, December 7, 2008

4zzz Eternally Ours - Part 9 Brisbane bands 1975 - 1995

Part 9 - 1992 - 1995

Finally we come to the of the ride, quite a few bands
didn't get a mention or very briefly. To name a small
number of omissions, The Apartments certainly
should of got a song played, the Five Hanks who's
drummer I went to school with were a wicked band
live, the Toothfaeries my fav news years eve band,
Kev Carmody maybe not a band, but one of the
greatest artists to come from round these parts
and Regurgitator our greatest export in the 90's.
Anyway a historic document never the less.
Another surprise omission is the lack of mention
of the Livid festival's and the impact on Brisbane
that they had. Long before the Big Day Out the
Livid festival blazed a trail that many would follow.
The first one in January 1989 had an all Brisbane
line up including the Go-Betweens, Chris Bailey,
Ups and Downs and Died Pretty, held at St Lucia
Uni where 4ZzZ grew up and almost the same
spot the fabulous Pig City gig was held last year,
it was a memorable beginning to a festival
which continued until 2003, bringing some
of the greatest line ups Australia has ever seen.
Blow Hard's, V8 Rock 'n' Roll is a riot,
Isis's Masturbation Song is another stand out
track of the time. The Pod Party's excellent
Tiny White Heart returning me to the early
days of Human League and the fabulous
Wishing Chair with the wonderful pop of

Artists in order of appearance
Noose - Slum Church

Blow Hard - V8 Rock 'n' Roll

Gravel Rash - Boys Germs

Dreamkillers - Homophobia
Isis - Masturbation Song
Hate Man - Incubus

The Pod Party - Tiny White Heart

The Wishing Chair - Dreaming

Turnpike - Last Star Fell

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bazzil said...

The Five Hanks were great live, I must have seen them half a dozen times, they just seemed to be at every secon pub I stopped in to have a beer at.


Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Damn shame they didnt record
ciao bob

herballlistic said...

i like the blog,bob! one of the best nights out i had in brisbane (sad at sametime!) was ISIS' final gig at the Zoo.