Sunday, December 21, 2008

Robert Forster Copenhagen 28-09-08

Another fantastic quality recording from Roberts recent
tour has surfaced over at Misha's blog.
The recording is a 10 out of 10 a matrix mix of
an audience recording and a soundboard.
So is the performance and the band are brilliant.
The song list draws extensively from Roberts career,
with songs from throughout the Gobetweens catalog
as well as some brilliant solo stuff.
A rare outing of "heart out to tender" and a beautiful
rendition of Grant's "quiet heart" plus many wonderful
tracks from the new album make this very special.
So get over to Misha's blog and say hello while your there.

Robert Forster
Copenhagen Lille Vega, DK

source 1: church cardiods->iriver
source 2: sbd->xlr->nomad jb3

matrix made in cool edit pro->cdwav->flac


01. intro
02. Something for Myself
03. Spirit
04. Love Is a Sign
05. Rock ’n’ Roll Friend
06. If It Rains
07. The Evangelist
08. When She Sang About Angels
09. Demon Days
10. I’m Allright

--- break ---

11. Too Much of One Thing
12. Clouds
13. Born to a Family
14. Head Full of Steam
15. Pandanus
16. Surfing Magazines
17. Did She Overtake You?
18. Quiet Heart
19. Make Her Day
20. German Farmhouse
21. Darlinghurst Nights
22. Spring Rain
23. Here Comes the City
24. He Lives My Life
25. Heart Out to Tender
26. I Can Do
27. Dive for Your Memory
28. People Say

Find it here


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