Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Music From the State of Corruption - Various Artists

Christmas has come early thanks to Glen Aka GAM
who shares this rare 1989 cassette only release.
Plenty fantastic bands who I've only seen these
recordings from. The fabulous She Walks Down by
Other Voices sounding rather Died Pretty.
Sometimes by This Five Minutes and
the Eugene & the Egg tracks all make for an
excellent compilation and Glen has done a superb
job of digitalizing the cassette.

Here's what Glen has to say about this cassette.

Think it came out in 1989, but I may have picked
it up a year or 2
after that. I liked its 'brown paper
bag' colour scheme - tying into
the whole
pre-Fitzgerald-era Qld political corruption thing.
not a lot of info on the tracks or the bands.
I'd only heard of a
couple of them when I bought it.
I get the impression these are bands
that were active
probably from the early to mid-late 80s.
It's an
unusual comp in that there are 2 tracks from
3 bands, so it's more of
a 'showcase' for those bands.
Similar to other comps of the time it
has a couple of
non-musical 'clips' which go with the era
and the
first song is an intro to the whole thing;
kinda camp, but right on
with it.
These songs aren't about the politics of the time,
just *from* the time and reflect to a degree
Brisbane's musical
pre-occupations at that time;
60's influenced psychedelia, early

synth/dance, post-punk & goth pop.
I give one of these songs 4 stars
(not saying which one)
- it's brilliant pop.
This is a great comp with
very few dull moments.
I hope I've done it justice in my treatment of
I've currently got it on high rotation in iTunes,
so at least I'm
enjoying it. :)

Track List
01 - The State of Corruption - Tony Pumpkin-not Pumpkin

02 - No Recognition - Eugene & the Egg

03 - She Walks Down - Other Voices

04 - Too Much Acid - Pineapples From the Dawn of Time

05 - Sometimes - This Five Minutes
06 - VV Virginia W - Trash & Treasure
07 - Sexploitation - K Agents

08 - Here is the News

09 - Wanderlust - Peso Kim

10 - Chemicals - No No Sin

11 - View from the Edge - Eugene & the Egg

12 - Not On Your Life - One Big Union

13 - Joh Goes Home

14 - Dumb & Drunk - K Agents

15 - Bat Baby - Tony Pumpkin-not Pumpkin

Download Here


Anonymous said...

Just found your blog today and really enjoying it, keep up the good work.

busbydaze said...

Peso Kim were a great band. I saw them at the Evening Star in Surry hills often. I am gonna enjoy this.

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Glad to here that busby, I'm enjoying it, its a great compilation
ciao bob

milo said...

This is an unbelievable treat, the description "Brisbane's musical pre-occupations at that time;
60's influenced psychedelia, early
synth/dance, post-punk & goth pop." Had me bouncing in my seat esp as my fav ZZZ comp of all time is Queensland in Quarantine with the wonderful sound bites. I can't get enough of that era, sound and sensability. Thankyou.

shishkin said...

hey there! very nice to stumble across your blog - i put out music from the state of corruption way back in 88 (maybe it was 89) - i'm eugene as in eugene & the egg - the egg pretty much died in 85 when i left brisbane to live in canberra for a decade or so, but i got the band together for a long weekend in sydney in 88 to record 'no recognition' and 'view from the edge' at a proper 16 track studio in newtown - i always believed that the egg had some great songs that we never recorded properly and i still think that our 88 recordings don't realise the potential of what the egg had going (but there ya go) - the other bands on the tape are mainly friends bands - Trash & Treasure were Ray Moynihan and Geoff Wood (from I Am Vertical, etc), Peso Kim were a sydney band that was a spin off from brisbane band Ducks in Formation, One Big Union were a mod band from the gold coast, No No Sin was a band with the egg's bass player Rene Ranke, while the Tony Pupkin Not Pumpkin was a persona of the egg's drummer/keyboard player Anton Chekov (yea, thats what he called himself back then!) - you'll note that 'too much acid' is a different (more guitar heavy) mix to the usual version - FYI i'm still playing muzak these days in Shishkin'n'Choomby - very glad you liked the comp! (:

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Thanks for that Eugene always great to hear from those who were in the thick of things.
Funny a friend was asking me about Ducks in Formation just couple of days ago. ciao bob

shishkin said...

Yea Bob - i remember when Ducks in Formation were called Scrap Metal and used to be a straight-up mod band including covering tunes by the jam (standards) and the who (the kids are alright) - you wouldn't guess it from hearing the Ducks in Formation 12 inch would you?? BTW, its nice to meet your blog, Bob - take care and keep on doing exactly what you're doing, eugene

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Thanks for the encouragement Eugene and please keep dropping in here and adding your input
ciao bob

Anonymous said...

Hey Bob, I've been reminiscing and researching (read that as reminding myself) Brisbane music from the 80s. My brother used to be the resident mixer for Scrap Metal -> Ducks In Formation -> Peso Kim. It was interesting to come across you're blog. I had truelt forgotten just how much talent we had in the city back then.

Anonymous said...

i lit scrap metal,ducks in formation and peso kim in the 80s and have just been informed that brian the bass player has just passed on.This and the passing of bill the sound guy last year is a sad occurance.Condolences to john (guitar)and jock (vocals).

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

sad news indeed, thanks for passing it on here

Anonymous said...


Jock from Peso Kim just figuring this out first.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jock here

Joe said...

Hi Jock, really?? Man I recorded you guys!!... search youtube for peso kim...

Anonymous said...

Hi Bob
Been slowly going through your blog, great stuff. Any chance you can re-upload the links for this tape.

Bob said...

back up

Anonymous said...


Jock from Peso Kim here. Just to let anyone know who maybe interested John and I ( Jock vocals John Guitar Peso KIm) will be playing in Dirty Brown (songs that I wrote) and then Generation Jones (Alex Waller Ducks in Formation and John Peso Kim and Ducks in Formation) will be playing at Kedron Park Hotel in Brisbane Saturday 10/8 starting around 8.30.

Thanks Jock Brown (Peso KIm)

Raga said...

So many forgotten compilations, what a ripe time it must have been in the 80's! Another one I'd love to hear if you've still got a copy of it floating around, Cheers Bob!