Monday, December 22, 2008

Shane Howard - Front Line Heroes Live Woodford Folk Festival 1998

A Christmas eve post for all you wonderful folk.
An exclusive world first post.

10 years ago at the Woodford Folk Festival Shane Howard
and the reformed Goanna Band did a series of performances.
I was there and being the Shane Howard fan I am never
missed a gig, but Chuck also was there and recorded 2
of Shane's solo performances.
Its two separate gigs both wonderfully recorded and
Shane solo boots are a rare thing indeed.
So a wonderful Christmas present from Chuck complete
with his very impressive artwork, many thanks Chuck.
And just in time for the kick off of the Woodfolk Folk
Festival which starts on the 28th.
Your in for a treat if you haven't seen Shane solo,
one of the country's greatest artists who always
puts on a spellbinding show, in touch with this
country and its spirit and able to articulate so
many of the challenges that face us now and in
the years ahead.

Shane Howard - Front Line Heroes
Live Woodford Folk Festival 1998

Concert 1
6PM Concert Stage

01 - what else is a life
02 - this old world
03 - light of day
04 - soul sister
05 - murri time
06 - money

Concert 2
10PM Sitting Duck

07 - poor fella my country
08 - let the franklin flow
09 - mystified
10 - light of day
11 - we are the people
(William Barton)
12 - solid rock

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