Monday, December 15, 2008

Post No Bills - Self Titled Cassette

A request from Chuck for this wonderful cassette release from
Brisbane post punk band Post No Bills sometime round 1985.
Quite a lot of these songs were given regular airplay on
ZzZ back then.

01 Aren't Any Words
02 Fleas
03 The One in A
04 Thanks For All the Fun
05 Shattered Frame
06 Winter

Download Here


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Anonymous said...

may you give a "second life" for the post of bills self title tape please...for now link is dead! many thanks!
Franck(from France)

Bob said...

Back up Franck

Anonymous said...

i have only heard two post no bills songs, winter and state you're in from state of emergence comp.they're both crackers! would like to hear their other songs. can a record company do a release please?