Thursday, December 4, 2008

Rock Arena, Brisbane bands 1988

"Brisbane has a population of 1 million, so you get
3 or 4 bands in maybe 5 years that are real good,
that come out of here,
I think that's a pretty good average really"
Ed Kuepper

This 1988 Rock Arena documentary has become almost
legendary amongst students of Brisbane musical history.
Jam packed with interviews, video footage and insight
through the eyes of those who lived through those heady
times. I remember seeing this when it came out in 1988
and was very happy to see it again this year when the
wonderful Bazzil of Prehistoric Sounds fame, gave me a
copy on dvd.
The show also includes some footage recorded that year
of a Go-Betweens gig at Easts Leagues Club that both
myself and Bazzil were at. They had all the cameras
going that night and only one song is on the doco, so
somewhere in some Abc vault must lie the entire gig.
That was some night, I even had to bail my younger
uncle out of the watch house as he was arrested after
the show.
Anyway a couple of people including Peter Walsh have
brought to my attention that the entire doco is online
via youtube, so I'm posting the 6 parts here for your
viewing pleasure and for your comment.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6


chuck said...

f!¿king hell bob--- u never told me you had this !!! ive just started the dload and am now making a cuppa coffee ready for a most enjoyable hour of fine entertainment.. thx yet again for the heads up and great blog. viva le stripe !!

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Its great hey, all on youtube, so a very easy post. I wouldn't have know bout it if I hadn't be given the heads up first.
with the 4zzz posts following on and the banana curtain posts before its a whole lot of Brisbane band posts
ciao bob