Sunday, December 7, 2008

4zzz Eternally Ours - Part 7 Brisbane bands 1975 - 1995

Part7 - 1988 to 1990

Starting with Rollo's 1st band Bad Ronald and a very funny
interview with Rollo. Chew Dica Dica 's Cyclone Hits Expo
very topical in 1988 Brisbane, 1313 Mockingbird Lane
made it onto a Roo Art compilation album with Battledress,
a song that appeared first on the ZzZ album State of Emergence.
Re-recorded for the Roo Art album its a fabulous song.
Voodahaas, Aloha Pussycats doing great music which
should have been bigger, the very different Purple Avengers
with their psychedelic sound. The Ziggerants and Fear of Falling
with a very nice sound reminding me of some of the Sydney
bands and of course Custard who became one of the most
successful bands of the period.

Artists appearing in order
Bad Ronald - Working Your Life Away

Chew Dica Dica - Cyclone Hits Expo

The Insane Hombres - Cabbie Assassin

1313 Mockingbird Lane - Battledress
Mockingbird Lane - 4ZZZ Ad

Voodahaas - My Jealousy

Aloha Pussycats - Discovery
The Purple Avengers - Another World

Strotium Dog - Lithium Crawl
The Ziggerants - I Don't Know

Too Green for Summer - Sweet Violet

Custard - "C" is for Cookie

Fear of Falling - Your Place

The Bam Bams - Stay Inside

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Anonymous said...

Wow, fantastic stuff, can't wait to hear it.

I'm putting out a plee, does anyone have any more Fear Of Falling stuff??

Neil from the band now runs an amazing recording studio out in the hinterlands of Brisbane, White Room studios. My band recorded with him a few years ago and I've been on the lookout for their stuff ever since; his studio is covered in amazing framed posters and photos of Hummingbirds, Ups & Downs etc. I believe they put out at least one record with Waterfront.

Aloha Pussycats, great stuff. The singer, John Mullen, is now an A & R man for Dew Process / Universal; signed a few of their successful acts.

Can't wait to hear this chapter.

Thanks again!

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Not me anyone else
ciao bob

chuck said...

re: fear of falling - great book "who's who of aust. rock" says they had a few releases.
7" your place - 90/08
7" butter to your masquerade - 90/12
7" for the tourist - 91/06
cd welcome to wonderland - 91/11
7" crossroads of reality - 91/12

all of which i dont have :) but maybe the titles will kickstart someones memory.. good luck with the searchin ...

o0 saw some secondhand copies of this book at archives books in brisvegas city if ppl are looking for one.. up to a 5th edition at least...

Anonymous said...

Hi there, I have all of the fear of falling catalogue including unreleased EP, videos, interviews I'm glad someone is still interested and am willing to share my experiences.

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Hi Ad, yes please share whatever you can that fits in round here. There's quite a few people round who are very interested in these things
ciao bob

Bobby said...


Just wondering if you ever got your hands on any of that Fear Of Falling material?

I've been scouring around and can only find the very odd and quite expensive copies on ebay.

Would love to hear them if they around.

Thanks again for all the wonderful uploads :)


Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

I haven't heard any more about that Bobby sorry,
if anyone can help please do

Marty said...

Hi Bob,
Marty - guitarist from Ziggerants here.
If anyone's interested - Ziggerants have a myspace page where you can hear some of our stuff from the olden days.

Serenity_Gate said...

I bought Fear of Falling's "welcome to wonderland" cd after hearing them on JJJ's live at the wireless.
Great album.
I think I might have taped the JJJ programme as well, but don't know where it is or if I could find it.

Karen Ludlow said...

Is the link still available for this album? I can't reach it. I would love to hear these tunes again!!