Friday, December 12, 2008

4zzz Radio Times Dec88, It was 20 years ago today!

A wonderful piece of history here from Chuck who gave us
the Banana Curtain Cds. Its a complete PDF scan of all 32
pages of the December/ January Edition of 4ZzZ ,s radio
times.Sent out to 4ZzZ subscribers several times a year
radio times is a most informative piece of underground

This particular edition comes just after the
infamous eviction of 4ZzZ from the St Lucia campus,
where they had been broadcasting since 1975.
The newly elected Student Union with its ultra -
conservative lean, decided to clean up campus and
the radical leftest radio station had to go.

So on 4.17 am, on the 14th of December, 1988, 20 years ago
to the day, 4 union officials and 4 hired security burst
into the studio forcing them off air mid song (Orange Crush
by REM). The 2 graveyard announcers were quick witted
enough to grab some equipment and quickly phoned some
station workers, a makeshift studio was set up on the Mount
Cootha transmission tower, broadcasting a message calling
on all listeners to head to St Lucia for a protest.

You can read all about what happened after in the PFD
file, it makes for fascinating reading.
4ZzZ finally set up studio in the Toowong shopping center.
this was where they were when I worked on the
Latin American show, in 1992 they moved to their
premises in the Valley.

Download PFD Here


Anonymous said...

Nice Site:
I found it Googling for the Flamin Groovies some how.
I'm more into the 60's stuff - hey I still remember "tie me Kangaroo down sport", We 5, and the Masters Apprentices. I was into the Saints -never had a chance - till now - to see what became of them.
You do have interesting stuff here:
Passion, Boots & Bruises - could appear on FAT POSSUM, Flaming Hands could compliment PATTI SMITH, Any group doing Beginning to see the light is worth listening to not to mention 13th floor elevator - In the Past.

Thanks from LI NY US

bob nebe said...

Thanks Linyus, dont know how the flaming groovies threw up this blog, but glad you made it.I'm a big Patti Smith fan myself, she doesn't feature round here being Australian music and all. Hope you find something you enjoy.
ciao bob