Monday, December 1, 2008

Wet Taxis - From The Archives

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Louis Tillett's first band - Vinyl LP, Test Pressing

Louis Tillett's first band, the Wet Taxis, commenced life
as an experimental outfit in the manner of fellow
Sydneysiders Severed Heads and Scattered Order
before taking on a tougher 1960s-influenced direction.
Their classic debut single on the Hot label, ‘C’mon’ (1984),
boasted an authentic garage/R&B sound heavily influenced
by such American garage/punk bands as the
Moving Sidewalks, We the People and the Chocolate
Watchband plus legendary Australian group the Atlantics
(who originally issued the song as ‘Come On’ in 1967).
Alongside the likes of Died Pretty, the Celibate Rifles,
the Lime Spiders, the New Christs, the Hoodoo Gurus
and the Eastern Dark, the Wet Taxis came to epitomise
the Australian garage rock sound and aesthetic of the 1980s.
The band’s only album was the appropriately named
From the Archives

Track listing
01. Last Time Around
02. Unchain My Heart
03. You Burn Me Up And Down
04. I Wanna Come Back (from the World of LSD)
05. Rich With Nothing
06. Clock On The Wall
07. Its Gonna Rain
08. Hypnotized
09. In The Past
10. Bucktooth Gobbler
11. Love

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hey!!! thanx a lot!!!!
i found in ebay the c´mon single and sailors dream too.

bob nebe said...

no prob brutusound
ciao bob

limburg said...

Another killer!!!!

Great Post

footbru said...

Fuck me, every link to the Wet Taxis calls them "Louis Tillet's first band", like he was some sort of genius.

For the record, a bigger arsehole never walked the boards.

Loved the band, but as people, they sucked, EXCEPT for Nick Fisher, and Peter, who was replaced by Penny the blow up doll.

The thing they did best were covers, all taken from one or two LPs from Peter's brothers collection. Their original stuff was seriously awful.

Anonymous said...

too true 'footbru' - though the Knuckey brothers who started the band went on to better things.

Anonymous said...

I don't know what they were like as people (except for Peter, who was a very nice bloke when I got to know him years later) but that first incarnation of the Wet Taxis that played at the Brittania in Cleveland Street was one of the best bands I ever saw live. Who cares that they did covers when they did them so well. Tillet obviously had problems but what a great singer and Simon Knuckey was the greatest lead guitarist I have ever seen live (OK, not the greatest but as good as Richard Lloyd or Richard Thompson when I saw them).

Anonymous said...

It's true that this band was the first band Louis Tillett played in - for semantics. As for anyone's character. I agree that Peter Watt was the shining example for all. And Nick Fisher is still my oldest and dearest friend and I am still playing with him. I WAS a serious alcoholic at the time. And I'm glad those days are behind me. The main thing is people seemed to enjoy the music. Peace and joy to all. Louis Tillett.

Anonymous said...

Please reup this gem !