Saturday, December 6, 2008

4zzz Eternally Ours - Part 6 Brisbane bands 1975 - 1995

Part 6 - 1986 to 1988

Even more fine music, Hotel Breslin's, Death Row Road,
Thanks for the Fish, who left for Melbourne,
but not before penning a classic song about Brisbane.
Small Town Hicksville, oh so boring.

John Kennedy's fantastic band "Loves Gone Wrong"
with his classic song about leaving Brisbane,
can you see a theme running through the story of
brisbands and the wonderful, Wonderous Fair
who morphed out of Tangled Shoelaces.

The Crysalids, Sunny Guitar Pop, very much
describes the sound in Brisbane at the time.
Electronic music from boxcar, reggae sounds
from the fun things, lots of different styles
around at the time.
1988 was a momentous time in Brisbane
the end of the Joh era and the world expo
being held here, which went for 6 months.
All girl band Batswing Saloon, a rare thing
up here, and a nice interview with Michelle
from the band.

Artists in order of appearance

The Dark Age - Repeat

Hotel Breslin - Death Row Road

Thanks for the Fish - Small Town Hicksville

Love Gone Wrong - Hey Stephen

The Wickermen - It Happens

The Stinsons - Top Mark

The Crysalids - Sunny Guitar Pop
Boxcar - Boiling Point

Wonderous Fair - The Tallest Building in the World

The Fun Addicts - Mandela

Batswing Saloon - Harold and Maude

Cut - Wound
Cut - Returning

Download Here


Anonymous said...

I've listened to the whole nine hours of this over the last few weeks, and it's been an amazing experience. It just about convinced me to subscribe to zZz again, despite living in Britain!

A particular highlight was hearing Boxcar's "Boiling Point" - even in a fourth generation tape-to-tape version. I recall playing that cart back on my graveyard shifts - and/or another track which was called "Spaghetti"? I know the announcer said that even the band didn't have copies of the original cassette release, and that was over a decade ago, but if it does ever turn up, I'd love to hear it!


bob nebe said...

I"ll keep me eye out Duncan, but if the band didn't ever have a copy then there mustn't of been many.
ciao bob

Unknown said...

Nice to hear what seems to be a live version of Small Town Hicksville, I've no memory of the specifics. Ironically that song was the first track of our first demo and 4zzz played a few songs off that demo.

- Sean (TFTF)

bob nebe said...

Always nice to hear from those who were on the cutting edge of the
Brisbane music scene.
I imagine you have seen the Brisbane
Bands rock area doco, there's a short clip of you guys live at what looks like Albert park during the day.Wish I'd seen you guys live but
I didn't. Pity the demo never became a record of some sort.
Great name I'm an old hitchhikers fan.

Unknown said...

Yes, my millisecond of fame :D The demo's here if you're interested. If they'd managed to get all the bands worthy of mention on that doco it would have gone for weeks, but I must mention Sun Orange who were amazingly popular in their short life, some here might remember their single The World. I was a huge fan.

bob nebe said...

Sean myself and the readers of this blog would be interested in any demos or otherwise brisbane music related stuff.
Sun orange sound interesting I hadn't heard of them

Anonymous said...

well, I'm 4 years little to late..
Any traces of that Thanks for the fish demo? I recently watched Brisbane Bands docu on tube, and those 20 second are not enough.. Bob, could you repost the link if possible?


Cheers from Skopje, Macedonia

bob nebe said...

Sorry Gjorgji I seem to have miss placed these files and cant find them I hope to find them one day

Unknown said...

Never fear, here is a quick zip of the demo, guys. Enjoy!

bob nebe said...

Thanks Sean fantastic!

tips said...

Thanks Sean! That's Great!

tips said...

Thanks Sean!