Saturday, December 6, 2008

4zzz Eternally Ours - Part 4 Brisbane bands 1975 - 1995

Part 4 1984 to 1985

Some great bands in this hour, starting with the classic
Brisbane song which lend its name to the great
Brismusic festival last year. Fantastic songs like Ipswich
band the Colour's with the beautiful song Blue Shirt,
Presidents Eleven's Summer Vacation which became
the first Brisband to be number 1 on the zzz hot
hundred, The Tangled Shoelaces another of my
favorites of the time, the Skel-e-tones another
fav who I saw a couple of times and released
a fantastic cassette I flogged to death.
Great time, very exciting.

Artists in order of appearance

The Parameters - Pig City
Dance Theatre - Fine Time
Colours - Blue Shirt
The Naturals - On the Alert
This Five Minutes - Brisbane Sunday Afternoon
Presidents Eleven - Summer Vacation
The Tangled Shoelaces - The Biggest Movie Ever Made
The Mystery of Sixes - Azaria
The Vampire Lovers - Buzzsaw Popstar
The Skel-e-tones - Lost Youth
Act - Spot the Flying Cat
Post No Bills - One in "A"

Download Here


chuck said...

great set bob ! any chance you have the post no bills tape in full? i saw these guys many times and a worthy post here i think. great bris-punk in a pistols -wanna-b-kind a way.. winter moving in seems to get included in the local compilations of the time, but they had much more to offer..
getting drunk at the outpost slam dancing to the post no bills hmmm them were the days......

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

I do chuck but you will have to wait till the end of the series now.
Im on a roll
ciao bob

bazzil said...

I remember The Outpost... Great Days.


Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Loved the outpost, i remember seeing Ed Kuepper with a 7 piece band on that tiny stage once
ciao bob

bazzil said...

It turned into a srip joint after the club closed it's doors.


mr.kenneth said...

enjoying the series again, bob!

loved The Outpost too! What a great hole in the wall!

My big memory is seeing Gerry Humphries and The Loved Ones there. Fantastic!

Glad you're going to reprise the PoNoBills tape. I was about to re-up and send you the link ...


Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Hole in the wall is right, and I remember nights when they crammed 250 people in there. Not much in the ways of fire regs then.

ciao bob

Anonymous said...

I remember the Outpost, DJ Jay, Merv the perv on the door and our gracious host Dominic. Jay was recently running the Step-Inn shows.

CrazySparkleCat said...

Any chance of re-posting this one Bob? There's a one-speaker version of Azaria on YouTube - I would love to hear it properly!

Bob said...

I can't seem to find these file, hopefully one day I will, however I will reup the The Mystery of Sixes single and you can get that track You can find it here

CrazySparkleCat said...

Thanks for your reply Bob. I got into Dreamkillers in the mid-90s and worked my way back to Mystery of Sixes. I have the s/t single, and the I Don't Know You EP - but an intact version of Azaria has proved quite elusive!

If you ever turn up this album again it would be fabulous. I'll keep checking back sporadically in hope :)