Saturday, December 6, 2008

4zzz Eternally Ours - Part 5 Brisbane bands 1975 - 1995

Part 5 1985 to 1986

More great stuff in this hour, La Fetts, SEQEB Scabs written
about the time in 85 when Joh sacked all the electric generating
broad workers and hired a new work force after forcing through
the Essential services act. Johs government was running out
of time.

The Pineapples from the Dawn of Time another
classic brisband, Murri Band Mop and the Dropouts,
another great band I saw and had a little to do with.

Loves e Blur who's famous drummer Coogee whom with
I spent some time with in similar circles, a few years earlier.
There's a great interview with Wendy from Loves e Blur,
which was one of the greatest bands of the era.

Artists in order of appearance.
The Furious Turtles - Can't Keep Running
The Shadow Factory - Never You Mind

La Fetts - SEQEB Scabs

Loves e Blur - Alice D

The Pineapples - Too Much Acid

Crib Sex - The Most Innocent Person I know

Mop and the Dropouts - The Brisbane Blacks

I am Vertical - Two Hands
Dog Fish Cat Bird - Six Months of Summer

The Vicious Kites - Speaking Minds

Voodoo Lust - Gossip

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It's good to see someone putting the record covers on my site to good use.


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Wish there was more sites like your bazzil
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