Friday, January 16, 2009

All Tomorrows Parties, Brisbane, 15-01-09.

With posters like those above how could I not witness the
fantastic lineup put together by Nick and his Seeds.
And what a line up, we got a decidedly smaller version
up here however I don't mind cause the clowns are still
to come and everyone I want to see otherwise was on
the bill. So on to the gig.
Its was a Thursday afternoon / evening show which
is a pain to get to so we arrived with about 4 songs
left of Robert Forster and band missing the first 2 acts.
I could hear him as we walked the Km or so through
the botanical gardens to the riverside stage.
Pandanus was playing as an excellent Brisbane backdrop.
Rob and co were brilliant as usual and I even got a few
photos of him looking out from back stage later.

Rob Forster

Spiritualized were next and they didn't disappoint,
not Australian I know, but an amazing wall of sound.
Complete with a couple of female backing singers,
it took on a gospel sound which made them an
unsurprising choice for the bad seeds. Very nice
band to watch as the sun set on what was a perfect
Brisbane day.

Jason Pierce


We moved up front stage for the rest of the night,
the Saints up next. Now I make no secret that this
was the biggest reason for me being here.
I watched the rather simple set up for the
band and Ed personal come out to check out
his Quad marshal amps, Vg 8, strat set up,
much to the crowds enjoyment.

Eds Strat

Setting up before show

Billed as the Saints playing the entire
"I'm Stranded" album in the end that didn't
exactly happen. They was in fine form however,
I think I preferred the pig city performance, it
had a more historic feel to it, however it was
bloody good. Chris and Ed seemed totally at
ease, I don't believe all this animosity crap.

Ed let it rip with his legendary guitar sound.
While Chris had the crowd eating out of his hand.
He was well behaved too, seemed to be really
enjoying himself. Ivor Hay on drums and
Archie Larizza on bass complete the line up
as an invincible percussion section.

Ed and Ivor

There was plenty tracks from Stranded and
a few others with some notable omissions.
The set list was

Swing for the crime
This perfect day
Erotic neurotic
A minor aversion
Kissin cousins
One way street
Messin' with the kid
Nights in venice

Chris and Archie

They didn't play I'm Stranded
The Prisoner or Know your Product,
which is guaranteed to piss off many punters.
A point made by Andrew in his review here

but to deny a Brisbane crowd a song with which
they identified so strongly is absolutely unforgivable.
They leave the stage post-_Venice_ and it takes
a few moments to realise that there’ll be no encore.

Their set seemed to be cut short however the
whole thing was running late.
Andy a reader here has this inside information
on what happened

Was working with The Saints on this tour - the stuff
up in Bris with Stranded was because the band took
a bit long before returning to do an encore
(which was to be Stranded) and the sound crew had
started knocking the PA down...
the guys had every intention of playing it.

So they took too long smoking cigs backstage.

Chuck has recorded, he had some troubles
with the saints, but has an excellent recording
of Robert Forster and says

at this stage I'm prepared for 6 volume entire
festival collection to represent this fine day :)

I have obtained a recording of the
band at Mt Buller which I will post soon.

Eds wonderful shoes

Next the Bad Seeds in all there glory and I'm
right at the front.
With 2 drum kits, extra lights and a 7 piece band
it took a bit to set up and they were scrambling.
From the moment they hit the stage it was
like the wildest wild you could go on. This is
one of the greatest bands in the world, they
are all the highest quality musicians and
nick runs a tight ship.

Thomas Wydler

Martyn Paul Casey

Conway Savage
Jim Sclavunos

Warren Ellis who as Chuck emailed about by the time I got home,

"shits all over Hendrix for sonic genius... "

Warren Ellis

Was incredible, these days he plays apart
from violin, these little 4 string electric
guitars and I think hes taken over the
Blixa mantle, something I never believed

Mick Harvey

They ripped through their rather large
back catalog playing songs like Dig, Lazarus,
Dig, Tupelo, The Weeping Song, Red Right Hand
Love Letter, The Mercy Seat, Deanna, Papa Won't
Leave You Henry, More News From Nowhere,
The Ship Song, Get Ready For Love, Red Right Hand,
Lyre Of Orpheus and of course Stagger Lee to finish.

What an incredible band and what an incredible
in your face performance,
at least from where I was and what an incredible
night. I've culled the photos from almost 900
(there was a lot of blurry ones) to some 50.
And Chuck has a recording for us.

just listening to nick cave dat :)
sounds nice
ill be busy tomorrow
but will spend a few days
from weekend
on sweetening these tapes
for the stripey sound :)

Any one else who saw any of the performances
please let us know in the comments what it was like.
And if the photos make you insanely jealous let me
know too. If your interested there's additional photos
on my myspace photo section

Nick Cave in full flight


Unknown said...

fantastic shots,its been worth the wait-oh ' you have done it again bobby

Unknown said...

Great Pics - many thanks

Anonymous said...

Wow; some great photos to what sounds like a brilliant night.

I've heard nothing but great reports from the Victorian show too(endlessly, from my housemates who all attended while I got up to much less interesting activities in Melbourne).

Can't wait to hear a recording!

Andrew McMillen said...

Bob, I'm surprised that you were impressed by The Saints. My review:

Spiritualized are amazing.. that's me with the dreadlocks in your crowd shot..


bob nebe said...

I cant help but be impressed by the saints, Ive been a fan since i was a teenager. I think ivor was playing better than at pig city, had a bit more practice i suppose.
I was most impressed by A Minor Adversion, that was wicked and I love messin too. But I love Chris
Bailey and I expect him to take over proceedings, Ed lets his guitar do the talking.
ciao bob

Unknown said...

Looks like a great venue.with the slope down to stage gives everyone a chance to see - how would u rate this venue bobby.

bob nebe said...

Yes its good everyone can see, plenty room, easy to get to
and plenty near by parking
ciao bob

John said...

Hi Bob. Love your blog. Only just found it and I will be a regular. I have been a Saints fan from the first time I heard them in 76. I have vague memories of them being at a house party way before the hype. here is a review I wrote of the day.

James Blood Ulmer. I knew nothing of this bloke but he played with Ornette Colman so a big cool points. Nice cruisey blues to start the day.
The Necks. I have a Necks album Chemist and have always enjoyed it so I was hopeful of a good show. Well I loved them. They played a non stop 50 minute jam that was jazzy and trance like. I would walk over cut glass to see them again. A small intimate hall would be the perfect venue. A 3 piece band consisting of Chris Abrahams on piano, Tony Buck on Drums and Lloyd Swanton on drums these blokes are right up my musical alley. Did the rest of the crowd like "em? Don't know! I was too entranced to notice.
Robert Forster. A good fun set with a couple of Go-between classics thrown in. Nice guitar pop that IMO was too good for the vast majority of my countrymen while they where listening to the rubbish that was pub rock in the 80's and 90's. A local legend.
Spiritualized. Outstanding. Songs Of A & E was one of my albums of 08. Other than that I know nothing of their music. I am off to explore the world of Spaceman 3 and the rest of Spiritualized.
The Saints. I enjoyed my idols but after The Necks and Spiritualized they failed to live up to my expectations. Not as good as the Pig City gig of 07. They actually did not play the Stranded album either, as was advertised. They starting with Swing For The Crime, I love that song, from Prehistoric Sounds. A good set all the same with a few favourites played except for Stranded. This did not bother me but I wonder what the rest of the crowd thought.
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds. Superb. The Bad Seeds are a ripper band. Tight as. Nick is a rock and roll star no doubt. Funny watching ladies from young to old wet their knickers. I had to laugh as I never considered Nick would be an idol. His performance was dark and gothic but oddly attractive. Warren Ellis is a psycho player. I would love to see the Dirty Three, who I have never seen live, just to see him go ape. A fair bit was based on the new release but the old favs came out to send an adoring crowd wild.

bob nebe said...

Thanks for that john, great review and its nice to hear a relatively positive review of the saints, some were very upset by the no show stranded. I would have love to see the necks who I haven't, but Ive seen the dirty three a few times and they are bloody fantastic.
Are you going to the clowns, you sound like a man of discerning taste.
Glad to have more regulars, you don't seem like a guy who's scared to contribute, glad you enjoy the blog
ciao bob

John said...

Yes Bob I will be at the Clowns. I attend gigs when able to. Fav venue is the Troubadour. I caught Ed prior to his tour with Cave.

Unknown said...

wow great blog. Would you have the Spiritualized recording by chance? Anyone interested can go and check out my Spz bootlegs site at

Again, great blog

bob nebe said...

The Brisbane one should be available
after Chuck gets some sleep
Fine blog you have too
ciao bob

Mr.Wonderpants said...

Was working with The Saints on this tour - the stuff up in Bris with Stranded was because the band took a bit long before returning to do an encore (which was to be Stranded) and the sound crew had started knocking the PA down... the guys had every intention of playing it.