Friday, January 9, 2009

Don't look back - I'm Stranded - The Saints

"The most important Australian album ever made"
- Nick Cave on The Saints (I'm) Stranded.

As part of the Don't Look Back concerts the Saints will
perform the album.

The Saints (including original members Chris Bailey,
Ed Kuepper and Ivor Hay as well as long time
Saint Archie Larizza on bass) have graciously agreed
to recreate the album
(all 32 minutes of white noise, punk snarl
and songwriting smarts) in its entirety
- via two very special Don't Look Back performances.
The first, will take place at Melbourne's salubrious
Forum Theatre(a long way from The Saints original
breading ground of Brisbane's,Petrie Terrace)
and will also feature the legendary X
performing their classic second album
'At Home With You'

The 2nd will be when the Saints appear in Brisbane as
part of the line up for all Tomorrows Parties.
Can't wait for this. I'm Stranded as Nick puts it,
is a very important album. It was as important, at
least to me, as Never mind the Bollocks or the Ramones
debut. All albums I owned at the time, but the best thing
about Stranded is it proved it didn't matter where you
came from. You didn't have to be in London or New York
in fact you could make an album that made the world
stand up an listen, in Brisbane.
I had this album as a 15 year old, it was new and it
was very different to all that Sherbet I grew up on.
A generation of Brisbane bands looked back at this
achievement and were inspired. And its release onto
the world by EMI made sure its effect went even
What was going to be a great gig to start the year
has become even better.

(I'm)Stranded CJ Bailey/E Kuepper

Like a snake calling on the phone
I've got no time to be alone
There is someone coming at me all the time
Yeah babe I think I'll lose my mind

'Cause I'm stranded on my own
Stranded far from home, all right

I'm riding on a midnight train
And everybody looks just the same
A subway light it's dirty reflection
I'm lost babe I got no direction

And I'm stranded on my own
Stranded far from home, all right

Stranded - Yeah I'm on my own
Stranded - I'm so far from home
Stranded - You gotta leave me alone
'Cause I'm stranded on my own,stranded far from home.

Come on!

Look at me looking at you
There ain't a thing that I can do
You are lost, your mind is stuck in a whirl
Yeah honey such a stupid girl

Now I'm stranded on my own
Stranded far from home, come on.

Stranded - Yeah I'm on my own
Stranded - I'm so far from home
Stranded - You gotta leave me alone
'Cause I'm stranded on my own, stranded far from home.

All right

Livin' in a world insane
They cut out some heart and some brain
Been filling it up with dirt
Yeah baby dunno how it hurts

To be stranded on your own
Stranded far from home, all right

Stranded - I'm so far from home
Stranded - Yeah I'm on my own
Stranded - You got to leave me alone

Come on!

Stranded - I'm so far from home
Stranded - Yeah I'm on my own
Stranded - You got to leave me alone
'Cause I'm stranded on my own

I'm Stranded - The Saints

If your after the album do a search on
I'm stranded blogspot
Its everywhere


Anonymous said...

cool post bobby


Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

not as cool as the gig, mick you should come
ciao bob

Galaxy said...

Hi compliments for the blog. A smile from Italy. Good Saturday

Anonymous said...

I would love to see that gig, but Germany is a bit too far from Australia...

Enjoy Bob and do a report for us!


Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Thanks guys and I shall get some photos
ciao bob

chuck said...

well well well, i turn my back on this blog for a few days and when i peek back you've done it again !!! more go-be than i can poke a stick at! and a nice spot on the saints to keep up my interest on all tomorrow parties gig! hopefully i will be there with dat down pants and mic in boot to record this gig... hopefully it wont rain:/
thanks again bob !

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Oh yes no rain, let me know if your going to be there and esp recording.
ciao bob

miceaton said...

think i've worked out how to leave a comment using my name

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

YAY, Mick your a blogger now start a blog, the world needs more blogs :>)
esp from Brissy
ciao bob

Anonymous said...

Hello Bob my name is Peter Walsh I'm a promoter in Brisbane. I need to contact you about something thats a little odd and not strictly speaking related to your blog (which is great BTW). Is there any chance you could email your contact details to my gmail a/c.
- - I'll call/email you when I get them.
Thanks mate, hopefully talk soon

milo said...

Seminal album of my youth also, the albsolute pudding in my opinion though is Prehistoric Sounds, not sure if it's because I heard it first or that it has a more post-punk and creative (horns and brass, totally ruining their OS typecast punk cred thank god. Though that's what punk should be and was/is respected for... D.I.Y rather than imitating the band next door) sound. And the best song about Brisbane, Brisbane [Security City]. Though JFK and the Cuban Crisis' Gotham City aint nothing to sneeze at as I think you may have mentioned in the past.

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Hi Milo, I agree my favorite original saints album remains
prehistoric sounds, but stranded
is the more influential.
ciao bob

Michael said...

hey Bob

your blog is most excellent as always

i've made the trip back from Perth to Brisbane to attend the ATP festival

Harmonia were great last night, but Nick Cave and The Saints on the same bill will be very hard to beat and Friday night will just be so very, very noisy

sadly i will have to miss the Laughing Clowns (work beckons), but i will get to see The Triffids in Perth next month

i agree with the last 2 comments, the Saints were very misunderstood for using brass on a PUNK album ... ahead of their time for so many reasons

... only 1 more sleep ... WOO HOO!!!



p.s. love your work!

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Your a keen punter Michael,
from the other side of Australia for some gigs.Good gigs mind you.I will be up the front attempting to get photos if ya recognize me say hello.
I will endeavor to report on the clowns gig and I hope to see a review of the triffids on ya blog.
At pig city the prehistoric sounds stuff live was fantastic, I hope we get some tomorrow
ciao bob

Michael said...

hey Bob

i hope you had a great time last night and didn't arrive too late

i was lucky enough to catch all of the acts and had a hugely fun evening which culminated in the purchase of a "from her to eternity" tea towel (who would have thought such an item would exist?)

i would be interested to hear your opinion of the Saints set last night, especially in comparison to the Pig City gig, which i sadly missed

i was underwhelmed ... what was with that version of Stranded?

and i was curious to see if Ed was going to clock Chris

but otherwise what a great day

could oz original music have a better ambassador than Nick Cave?

p.s. thanks for posting that Necks set, i was lucky enough to catch that show, and it is always nice to have a copy of gigs attended for posterity. they put on a great set last night too

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

great to hear you had a great time, i didnt even check out the merchandise, a her to eternity tea towel may be worth a lot of money one day. I have posted all bout the gig by now so i wont say much but specifically, i enjoyed the saints im guessing your asking about the version of the album, which was a no show. They didnt even do the title track, i cant remember story of love or demolition girl ether.I can understand a few people being rather disappointed, when their set seemed to be cut short and they missed a few of their best songs, As well as not doing the album. The pig city gig had a much better set list and a brass section, as well as being much longer.
I have it on good authority that the animosity between ed and chris is past history.
I would have like to see the necks, ive never seen them and there on my list.
Nick is something else he always puts on a good show ive seen him at least 3 times and that was the best.
ciao bob