Friday, January 9, 2009

Go-Betweens - Live On SNAP/KCRW

Released as a 2nd disc as part of
Bellavista Terrace: Best Of The Go-Betweens
as a limited edition 2 cd release, this is a wonderful
collection of tracks both acoustic and electric.

Track List
Acoustic Set 10/11/88
01 Introduction
02 Rock 'n' Roll Friend
03 Dive for Your Memory
04 Quiet Heart
05 Clouds
06 Love Goes On
Electric Session 11/09/87
07 Introduction
08 Bye Bye Pride
09 Bow Down
10 Right Here
11 The Clarke Sisters
12 I Just Get Caught Out
13 Twin Layers Of Lightning
14 Cattle And Cane
15 Apology Accepted

Download Here


Anonymous said...

bob is the man for music
thank u bobby

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

no problema mick

Bobby said...

What a great pair of recordings, some of the best.

Thanks again.


WmPerry said...

Thanks for this- i had it on a long lost cassette i'd taped from the radio when ilived in la. Snap! was a great show- other standouts & lost cassettes: blue aeroplanes,robynhitchcock when "eye" came out, Jazz butcher...If it was good and came through town it ended up on snap- jeez i think even Fatima Mansions was on i remember dierdre odonahue playing the hell out of "viva dead ponies"
thanks again