Monday, January 19, 2009

Robert Forster - ATP 15-01-09 Brisbane

Another Striped Sunlight exclusive, Chuck who recorded
all 6 acts at the Thursday, Brisbane All Tomorrows parties,
has been burning the midnight oil to rush off the press
this fantastic recording.
Not only is this a bloody fine recording, its a wonderful
performance from one Brisbane's finest, on what was
a beautiful summers afternoon in Brisbane city.
Rob starts proceedings 5 minutes early just to squeeze
another song in. He is joined on stage by his band, the
same who just finished a world tour last year and
everyone's enjoying themselves.
Its a short but action packed set jam packed with
favorites, drawing from all parts of his exceptional
Like Chuck I'm looking forward to the entire 6 cd
set of this gig as the recordings make there way
through the various complicated processes.
Many thanks to Chuck who is a most generous
fellow indeed.

Track List
00 intro.
01 if it rains.
02 heart out to tender.
03 head full of steam.
04 pandanus.
05 surfing magazine.
06 quiet heart.
07 make her day.
08 german farmhouse.
09 darlinghurst nights.
10 here comes the city.
11 people say.

Size: 105.74 MB

Download Here


Bobby said...

Wow, thank you so much to Chuck and all involved - and doesn't that packaging look smashing?

Downloading now and can't wait to hear it.

Bobby, Melbourne.

P.S. That photo of Robert, peering up and out into the abyss: just an amazing shot.

Mona said...

Wow/ yes insanely jealous and I was at the ATP Mt. Buller as well as Spiritualized and Gira sideshows...great photos and I look forward to hearing the rest of the music that you have got hold of...any more of Buller recorded? have linked to you at my blog.

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Thanks Bobby for your appreciation,
chusk has done an excellent job yet again. I took a series of those photos with one where hes looking straight at the camera, but thats my fav. Did you get to Mt Buller bobby?
Mona Im jealous the Mt Buller weekend
must have been fantastic. We got a very stripped back version here.
Ive linked back to your blog and look forward to reading it, it looks great.
I have seen a few recordings the only one Ive got is Spritualized,
you need to get an account at Dimeadozen, the bootleg sharing capital of the world.
You wont regret it
ciao bob

John said...

Cheers Chuck. Looking forward to all this.

Mona said...

Am a member of Dime just haven't seen any of the Buller stuff, but the SPZ sideshow is/was amazing...a portion at the blog and thanx for linking. I do hope that when the SPZ/Brisbane gig materialises then maybe it may appear on yr blog as a special (non Australian) treat for our non- Dime friends!!!

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Its up mona try a search i know im still seeding it.
An Im sure I will post spirtualized.
cioa bob

AC said...

Thanks a lot Bob, for sharing this
Andrea, Rome

Mona said...

All I can find there is the sideshow SPZ at HiFi still can't see the Buller one!

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Mona try a few different searches on dime, These all give me results.
ATP, Saints, Melbourne.
The SPZ gig is the Melbourne one
ciao bob

misha said...

As always thank you so much for the gbs stuff, you know how much I appreciate.