Thursday, January 22, 2009

Laughing Clowns - Mr Uddich-Schmuddich Goes To Town

Well its tomorrow night that the clowns come to town.
To celebrate here's the clowns incredibly rare, half
mastered, bloody brilliant Mr Uddich-Schmuddich
Goes To Town. This album is so rare Ed Kuepper
himself is reputed to have only ever seen one copy,
his own. Never released on CD this is a vinyl rip.
I have scanned the cover and the photo inside.
This information on half mastering came inside.

The record was mastered at half speed.
This process involves running both the master tape
and the cutting lathe at half the normal speed.
This results in more defined high frequencies,
greater separation between channels with overall
improved trackability.
The increased time required for this process has
always been reflected in the much higher price
of other albums cut in this fashion.
In keeping with Prince Melon Records policy,
the price of this album has been kept in
the same price range as standard albums.

One of my most prized records.
This is a fantastic record to listen to.

01. In Front of Your Eyes
02. Come One, Come All
03. Laughter Around the Table
04. A Knife In the Head
05. Theme From Mad Flies, Mad Flies
06. A Song of Joy
07. Mr Uddich-Schmuddich Goes To Town
08. When What You See

Download Here


John said...

Bob your blog has filled a few gaps in my Clowns listening. I can do nothing but say >> Thank you.

I have been giving the Clowns a few plays today just to get into the mood. I am very much looking forward to tonight. Cheers. John.

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Me too John, me too.

Graham said...

If they'd been from London we'd be getting the 2CD deluxe reissue by now. But if they had been from London, they would have been able to afford a producer who would have removed that dark, chaotic undertow.

Graham said...

PS ... which would be a bad thing.

John said...

I think I would have beat you all home. I live close by.

Brilliant gig. Eternally Yours gave me goose bumps. I really look forward to your review Bob.

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

You beat me home alright John, that was incredible, fantastic night.
I have plenty great photos and I even
wrote down the set list.
You must give us your impressions of the show on the next post
ciao bob

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

I knew you meant that Graham
ciao bob

John said...

I will write something up Bob. Can I get the set list order off you please?

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Its up on the post john looking forward to it
ciao bob

Anonymous said...

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Nick said...

Excelent site.
I was looking for 'knife in the head" in mp3 and I find it here.
Thank you indeed!