Saturday, January 17, 2009

Messing With The Kid - Saints

Another Striped Sunlight exclusive.
A video of the Saints performing
Messing with the Kid at the Brisbane
All Tomorrows Parties gig.
Bear in mind I was right at the front
which is good for the action and not
so good for the sound. I picked a ballad
to record so I'd keep the distortion
down, however when picks up it
distorts a bit.
This video shows the band firing on
all cylinders and Chris putting on a
fine vocal performance. You also get
to see how Ed works in a band when
he has no vocal work to do.
He was hard to get photos of as he
never stays still.
Annie from Meltingpod has compiled
reports and photos from various
sources including here, on both
the Saints and the Laughing Clowns
With Clowns photos at last.
Find it Here


Unknown said...

what a shame about the audio :( still im happy as a little piggy swimming in muck to see this... i was up on the hill and got a nice overview of all the days sets but u miss the intimacy of performance that this vid gives... one day in future send over the full res vid and ill try and sync it to the audio i have ... idiots talking all the way through song has to be better than distortion... well different any way .... :)

bob nebe said...

Yes yes I was hoping that you could do something like that chuck thanks ciao bob