Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds - ATP Brisbane 15-01-09

Listen to this one loud, that's Chucks advice and good advice too.
What can I say Chuck has rushed this wonderful recording
of what was an amazing Nick and the seeds performance.
I've seen Nick with the seeds some 3 or 4 times and this is my
favorite time. Its an action packed night folks so get downloading
and turn up the volume.
Thanks again Chuck for all the hard work and this brilliant

Track list
00 intro
01 night locusts
02 dig lazarus dig
03 tupelo
04 weeping song
05 red right hand
06 midnight man
07 love letter
08 ship song
09 moonland
10 mercy seat
11 deanna
12 call author explain
13 papa wont leave you henry
14 more news from nowhere
15 lyre of orpheus
16 get ready for love
17 stagger lee

Download Here


Pete said...

Nice work. I was at Cockatoo Island and enjoyed the whole event tremendously.

People who go to festivals and spend the whole effing gigtalking to each during songs other. Don't you just want to shoot them!?

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

yes, thats why I like it up front.
cioa bob

Paul said...

I was there are it was a fantastic gig - so I was over the moon to see this.

But I'm disappointed! What happened to the BASS??? There is none - just listen to the start of Stagger Lee...

Otherwise its a great recording, I just wonder if it can be fixed...

chuck said...

awwww f u k ! forgot to plug the bass in... just be a sec. brb.