Sunday, January 25, 2009

Laughing Clowns - Eternally Yours - Goma, Brisbane, 23-01-09

In another Striped Sunlight scoop, I have my 2nd video from
the night. This one has Ed Kuepper introducing the band in
typical Ed fashion before launching into the crowd favorite
of the night. Listen to the crowd when the sax part of
the song is first played.Its true to say the song is played
different to the clowns recording, some may prefer the
original, but I really like this.
Kenneth was impressed, here's how he saw it.

Eternally Yours! What a ride! Just loved the way they
dipped and worked up the momentum on that one like some
rollercoaster! At one point I just to yell,
"Here we go again!" ... and away we went!


Anonymous said...

many thanks for posting the clowns stuff. i livd in perth during my teens and twenties, so never saw them at the time (although i saw the triffids and scientists a million times each, so can't complain)

i live in northern NSW now, and the drive up to brisneyland was well worth it.

it was all over too soon though, justa brilliant gig. thanks again

bob nebe said...

It was over too soon thats for sure,
I feel kind of luckly that I had a 1/2 hr drive compared to your 3hr one.
By the same token I once drove to Lismore to see Kev Carmody play with some fantastic musicans in a small church where after the gig we had like a supper with kev and co,
so it was well worth the trip.
So are you still enjoying being surrounded by hippies.
ciao bob

Anonymous said...

i used to regularly drive 5 hours to see the go-bee's.

yep, plenty of hippies here for sure, i talked my hippy neighbour into coming up with me to see the clowns, and he loved them!

i actually did a deal, i'd go with him to see neil young, as long as he came to GOMA to see the clowns.

a win-win really, as neil young was in serious grunge mode at the ent cent.

bob nebe said...

Now thats great a post punk and a hippy doing music deals, I love it

Anonymous said...

Once hitched from Rockhampton to Darlo to see the Thought Criminals play :) hell yes it was worth it, as was Friday night in every possible way. Have seen the Clowns since their earliest gigs, to their last in mid-80s, and that show was about the best i can remember almost without exception. Five Martian Gods of War (those who were there, know) in a Sydney squat perhaps the best parallel, and that was also the last time I heard Collapse Board by the band, too...