Sunday, January 25, 2009

Laughing Clowns - Brisbane, Gallery Of Modern Art, 23-01-09

25 years since this band last played here, a lot of excited people,
a venue that fits perfectly with the band and 5 musicians that
delivered on one of the most anticipated performances I have
even been to. What a night and thanks to Brisbane's resident
audio historian we have a recording.
Chuck has managed a great recording, in what is an enormous
cavern of a venue. He has also rushed the magic processing and
art production to give us this by Sunday morning, Brilliant work.
And by the wonders of what is the internet you may download
this in France or somewhere over the over side of the world
and be listening to it in no time at all.
All thanks to Chuck who specially got time off work to do this.
And to the clowns who gave us a very special performance.
While your at it check out two very different and well written
reviews of the night Andrew has brought to my attention.

Andrews review here

Andrew was blown away as most by the clowns


Everett's True's article about this show here.

I don't think Everett is down on the band he
just didn't like the venue and the crowd,
Odd I thought the night had an excellent

And tomorrow will be Australia Day which makes it exactly
one year since this blog began and what better way to

Laughing Clowns - 23-01-09
Gallery Of Modern Art
00 Intro
01 Fly Paper
02 Come One. Come All
03 Everything That Flies Is Not A Bird
04 Theme From Mad Flies, Mad Flies
05 Nothing That Harms
06 Collapse Board
07 Eternally Yours
08 Bully in Town
09 Winters Way

Edmund Kuepper - guitar/vocals
Jeffrey Wegener - drums
Louise Elliott - saxophone/flute
Leslie 'Bif' Millar - bass
Alister Spence - keyboard

Download Here


Anonymous said...

Thanks Bob - can't wait to relive the gig via this recording - the mere fact that the Clowns are with us once again is blowing my mind so much that I have found it hard to focus on the actual music as much as i'd have liked - GOMA was a great night, the albums are amazing but these songs gain so much in their live renditions that my already high opinion of the band is reaching alarmingly stratospheric levels - thanks again.

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

With the song structures and improvisation that is so similar to jazz, I think it must have always been a challenge to record what they were doing live.
Now don't stay anonymous, it gets far too confusing round here.
ciao bob

Mona said...

Hook/line & sunk!
1-0 to you...was about to send you the complete works of Guy Debord and a years sub to Adbusters!

Bottlelow said...

Everything is aligning beautifully Bob thanks to you and Chuck.

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Hey bottlelow, long time no hear. Glad to spread the joy of the clowns reunion. Did you see em where you are?

Mona said...

Sorry bob/ what I meant to say was TA for this...the last comment was for someone else!!!

Bottlelow said...

Unfortunately not Bob I'm living in a bit of a hideous backwater at the moment!!! Looking foward to escaping!!

The Barman said...

Looks like this link is broken:

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Glad you cleared that up Mona I was a tad confused and its my pleasure.

And bottlelow Im sorry to hear that, when I think hideous backwaters I think Tenant Creek or something along those lines.
Come and escape to Brisbane its not so bad here sometimes
ciao bob

John said...

Thanks for the nice comment Bob. I will be D/loading after the 27th. I have one of those B/Pond Liberty plans and the 12 gig has gone for the month and everything is running slow thanks blog world haa haa! I intend to run riot on this blog especially now I have discovered it.

Cheers. John.

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Just checked and the link is working barman, must be some temp internet issue.
John you need a bigger plan,
sounds like you'll blow it again.
At least the months nearly over.
And thanks to you for all your involvement here, its the type of thing that keeps blogs like this going.
ciao bob

Bottlelow said...

Ha...thanks for the invite Bob I've never been, I suppose I will some day, those storms sound a bit scary though!! I'm halfway between Brisbane & Sydney out the back of a big lake and near the coast so I shouldn't complain too much.
Congrats on your first year you deserve it & happy Australia Day!! I'll raise my glass to you today!!!

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Thanks bottlelow for ya congrats,
at least it sounds better than tenant creek, LOL.
You come on up sometime.
ciao bob

Jules said...

Thanks Chuck & Bob- have downloaded, converted and now listening to this show on the hi-fi only a couple of days after it happened -this is what the net should be all about- it brings a tear to my eye!

Pity about the women speaking through Everything That Flies.

We didn't get the encore at Mt. Buller, but we didn't have the acoustic problems of GOMA either.
We also got a bit of a warm up jam
and the recordings I've heard are crystal clear.

It's great these days- every gig is recorded by several people-we're spoilt for choice!

Thanks again!

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Hi Jules,
The woman talking is a pain alright,
glad they moved on.
Any idea where I can find a laughing clowns recording from Mt Buller, or any of the shows for that matter
ciao bob

The Barman said...

Anonymous said...

...and also a dishonourable mention for the amateur percussionist getting happy clappy during New Bully! Nonetheless really enjoyed this - a few early missteps from the band but when they kick in (ie pretty much the end of Come One Come All onwards) it is unbeatable.

Is that the beginning of Laughter Round The Table that Les Millar is playing right at the end? I think they were mucking around on that theme before their first Sydney show also.

I'd also love to hear a recording of Mt Buller - although I reckon Sydney Day 2 would be hard to beat - anyone?

Meltingpod said...

Hello Bob,
I just had time to listen to some of my favorite songs (there were a lot in that set) but Eternally yours is so beautiful with Louise, I can imagine how you were transported in another dimension.
But one thing disappointed me REALLY...hey BRISBANE CITY !!! you needed exacly 2 MINUTES to recognize it was Eternally yours !!! where were the true fans ? at the bar ?...ahaha !
BTW : did you know Brisbane and Marseille are twin cities by official contract between the both towns ??
Between twins I can make some provocation I guess without harming you...:)
Thanks to Chuck ! I know what means such live recording in the audience, no dancing, no jumping...
But Bob, you should use that recording to change the sound of your both videos and it would be fantastic !
Cheers from Mars !

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Thanks barman Ive finally found it and rob too

The Barman said...

I should have mentioned you might have to plug away for an hour or so before a membership becomes available at dimeadozen but you must have done OK.

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Ive been a member since before they changed names to dime, downloaded some 312 gig from there.
I had been watching daily and hadn't seen the clowns yet. Until now.I'm still waiting for any Sydney recordings to surface.
thanks again for the heads up
ciao bob

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Hi Annie, I knew it was eternally yours but it took the sax part to awake the others =:>)
The video fix up has already been thought of by Chuck, that kind of thing would be a steep learning curve for me and the talented man Chuck is means he knows how to do it.
I didn't know know Brisbane and Marseille are twin cities, but that sounds like a good reason for Ed to come and play in your city, bringing those clowns of course.

ciao bob

Andrew McMillen said...

I'd like to draw your collective attention to Everett's True's article about this show:

My review:

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Nice articles Andrew, i'll put a link to em on the post
cioa bob

superior said...

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chuck said...

this concert is now available as a legitimate recording on prince melon records.... thank you / thank you / thank you Ed for releasing this great gig... although this recording i made is interesting to me ... it has many faults of an audience recording (crowd noise.. distortions etc) , im thrilled to bits to get a chance to get a clean recording of this great gig. $10 ffs why wouldnt ya !! available by mail for overseas ppl i found some nice clowns articles ill scan and send over to you soon Bob for a new post. viva le blog !!

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Chuck your the man, thanks for the heads up on this