Friday, January 9, 2009

Go-Betweens - 1980.06. Bungalow Bar, Paisley, Scotland.

"Any country that can except Jilted John,
X-ray Spex and the Only Ones,
there is a place for the Go-Betweens"
1979 Robert Foster

Lets start the new year up with a bit of Go-Betweens.
I was sent this recording from a not well represented
era of the Gob's. It was sent to me from Joe who's
a Gobs fan over in the UK. Thanks Joe
Joe's fav period of the band is its 3 piece period,
so if anyone got the postcard demos, which I
can't find, or anything interesting from the early
days, send a link in the comments or contact me
via myspace.
Here's what Joe says about the recording.

i'm afraid the recording quality is not amazing,
but it's still worth a listen -
i guess it's from the trip to scotland when the
band hooked up with postcard?
Could be Orange Juice's drummer on this!

By all accounts Joe's right, this is
a very interesting document. From
their first trip to the UK , a trip that
they had been well considering since 79.
Having seen the English scene as one
they where they would be able to make
an impact

1980.06. Bungalow Bar, Paisley, Scotland.
With Orange Juice, Josef K

Track List
01 Hope
02 I Need Two Heads
03 Eight Pictures
04 People Say
05 Stop Before You Say It
06 Don't Let Him Come Back
07 Karen

Download Here


Anonymous said...

Brilliant, can't wait to hear this one.

I love the picture too - so young and wide-eyed :)Do you know if it's froma similar period as the recording? It looks like they're on the ship to the motherland.

bob nebe said...

Hi Bobby, yep I loved the pic too, its an early shot and I imagine they are on one of the small ferries that take you across the Brisbane river.
That's what it looks like to me having been on a couple
ciao bob

Anonymous said...

Thanks once again. Good to know there are Go-Be's fans everywhere. I appreciate your work for the cause!

Simon UK

Roger said...

I have the Postcard demos at home I think. I'll post them if I do. Looking forward to this post. My favourite period too. Thanks Bob

AC said...

Hi Bob -

I'm not a MySpace User
You can contact me at for the Postcard Demo Tapes

All the best and thanks a lot for your site