Tuesday, January 6, 2009

John Kennedy - Dear John (cassette)

For my first post of the New Year.

This rare 3 track cassette only release from John Kennedy
was released sometime after the end of JFK and the Cuban Crisis
and before his solo career, sometime around 1984.
It isn't even mentioned on his Discography and I have no
idea how many copies were made.
Recorded on a 4 track record at home, it is pure and simple.
It was released in a postal jiffy bag like a posted Dear John
letter and covering what was his favorite subject of the time,
love gone wrong. I have been unable to locate the jiffy bag
with its lipstick kisses, so I'm after any one who has
it at home to email me a scan.
The wonderful Glen took my copy of this cassette home
and skillfully brought it into the digital age.
Thank you Glen.
So if anyone has any recollections concerning this cassette
I'd love to hear from you.

Track list
01 Forget
02 Two People
03 End of the Affair

Download Here


Bobby said...

Can't wait to hear this one - thanks a million!

A great start to 2009 :)

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

you have discerning taste bobby and
your welcome
ciao bob

Anonymous said...

My dad has a copy in the bag, but neither of us have a scanner.

REBO said...

unfortunately the link doesn't work. can I ask you if this can be fixed ?
thank you,

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Sure can rebo it will be working again soon

REBO said...

Bob, just tried megaupload and it works! (Rapidshare was failing)
thank you, this is a great one