Saturday, January 24, 2009

Laughing Clowns - Nothing That Harms, Goma Brisbane, 23-01-09

Another Striped Sunlight first I have a one song
video from last nights performance.
Bear in mind I was right up front next to the left
speaker column, so theres a bit of distortion,
however the action is superb and it gives you a
bit of an idea of what I've been talking about.

Laughing Clowns - Nothing That Harms Goma 23-01-09


Danny said...

And what a great night it was, taa for recording it, shame about that "bit" of distortion.
Wouldn't it be nice if you could just walk up to the nice sound person and say "Could you please plug this lead into an out of your desk and give me a aux mix please... thanks, what'll you have to drink?" and Robert's your parent's male sibling. 'Course you'd feed in a bit of your own room noise as well otherwsie it'd be a bit dry.
I dunno if you're an Ed fan per se, ( I got here via a google map search for GOMA) but there's a old album by the AINTS called SLSQ or something you might like to listen to: it's a live room recording from a Harold Park Hotel gig, from the days of tape.
I had a Sony professional walkman which I used to take to (Adelaide) gigs with me. Finding this archive of yours has inspired me to see if I can find those tapes of 20+ years ago, but I don't like my chances. I'm really hoping for the one from an Ed gig at Club Foote ( no kidding ) when the act was just him on acoustic (tricked up of course) and Mark Dawson on drums. He was great back then and still is. Keep up the good work, Cheers, Danny.

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Thanks Danny, I am a Ed fan indeed, been one for 25 years or more now.
That would be fantastic if you dust off those old tapes
ciao bob

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