Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Laughing Clowns - ATP Mt Buller10-01-09

.. the reformed Laughing Clowns turn in an enrapturing
performance of their jazz-affected post-punk and
conclude with the towering saxophone melody
and festival highlight of Eternally Yours. -
Andrew McMillen
LAST -FM review of ATP, Mt.Buller

A very nice recording of the Laughing Clowns first show of
their reunion tour as part of the ATP line up.
The same songs as done in Brisbane, without the encore.
Special thanks to the taper crankingamps.

Now for the big news from the clowns myspace site.

Forty Five minute sets at All Tomorrow's Parties
were just a
teaser for what the Clowns promise
this May.

Don't miss the reunion they
thought would never happen -
LAUGHING CLOWNS - live in May.

2nd & 3rd: Sydney, The Basement
Tickets on sale January 23rd from
or www.thebasement.com.au ..

or via phone: 92512797

You lucky Sydney people.
While you in a Clowns type mood check
out RLM's fab written piece called
Laughing Clowns - Secret Legends.
Find it Here


01. Soundcheck [incomplete] (2:06)
02. Intro (5:42)
03. The Flypaper (4:33)
04. Come One, Come All (6:59)
05. Everything That Flies (5:36)
06. Theme From 'Mad Flies, Mad Flies' (4:35)
07. Nothing That Harms (5:42)
08. Collapse Board (11:51)
09. Eternally Yours (11:43)

Download Here


Andrew McMillen said...

Those are my words on LastFM and in the Feel Presents press release - they would have been attributed to Rave Magazine if they'd decided to publish my review..

bob nebe said...

their lose andrew, ill put your name to it,
By the way I found that on the clowns myspace site
ciao bob

RLM said...

hey bob, thanks again for this one - all this clowns activity inspired me to dust off an old blog and write about the band - if you get a chance to have a look and share your thoughts that would be great - cheers, rlm

Anonymous said...

How exciting! I missed this - never thought I'd be able to download it! Thanks heaps. And for alerting me to the upcoming gigs. Fun times ahead.

John said...

Bob you are a marvel. And thanks for linking RLM's blog. That is a great piece of writing and I wish I had written that. Cheers. John.