Sunday, January 11, 2009

Laughing Clowns - Thone of Blood / Reign of Terror

"I'm never 100 per cent happy with anything,
but there were examples where we nailed it
as close as you can nail anything.

"At their best the recordings are great,
at their worst I can see why it didn't work.
That's the kind of appraisal I'm trying to bring
to this reunion. I know where I want to take it
if it's going to go anywhere beyond these shows.
And it may."

Ed Kuepper 2008

Its been almost 25 years to the day since the last
time they played in Brisbane. I don't know why I
wasn't there, I should have been,
One of life's great musical regrets.
However the chance to address this is coming soon.
13 sleeps in fact, to get me and others like Glen in
the mood here is is a vinyl rip of one of my favorite
records, one I keep going back to.
This is where they nailed it, its the essence of the
band. Its at times sparse beauty, the incredible
improvisation as in the song "I don't know what I want"
Where the song begins in this discordant fashion
only to morph into this powerful melody
and back to improvisation again.
Also this album includes "Sometimes" a true
masterpiece. I never trier of this record,
it stands outside of time.
So all Brisbane readers who are going to see the
clowns, let me know in the comments.

Track List
01 - The Fire Might Fall
02 - Crying Dance
03 - Sometimes
04 - Collapse Board
05 - I Don't Know What I Want
06 - Ghost Beat
07 - Clown Town
08 - Mr. Ridiculous

Download Here


miceaton said...

starting to make me jealous,is it sold out yet!Is bruce going?

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

I hope not (sold out ) that is for your sake, i thought bruce told you he was going
Ill have to check that out

Meltingpod said...

Ed's drawings are too funny !! did you check a lot of them on the Clowns' myspace page ?
have fun at these shows, what I can say, poor Frenchy I am...!
Annie from Meltingpod

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Hi Annie, I do hope that this clowns reunion does lead to bigger things and that includes a tour in France
ciao bob

GAM said...

Thanks for this taster for the gig Bob. See you there! :)

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Oh yes Glen its gonna be fantastic
ciao bob

Alan said...

The mini album and this compilation is their best work. As soon as Louise Elliott joined and the new bass player started playing fretless they played hopelessly off-key atonal stuff. There's a direct link between "Prehistoric Sounds" and the 1st 3 records, after that I lost interest completely.

Roger said...

Nice post Bob. I'm with you on this album. This was my entry point and remains for me the essence and it's sequenced really well. If you want to gild the lily, add "I Want to Scream". Seeing the Clowns (and Saints - busy night for Ed) at All Tomorrow's Parties next Sunday in Sydney. Will compare notes..

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Hi Alan and Roger nice to have your input, I think its their best stuff unlike alan i remained interested and found many fine moments later, i dont mind a bit of hopeless off key stuff myself but prefer total chaos.
The next record which i must post before the big day is also brilliant and like most clowns something you can listen to many times and never get use to it, or take it for granted. It will be great to compare notes, try and gets some photos Roger. That will be a busy night for ed alright hope his performance dont suffer.
I wonder if ed will take the rest of the year off after working his butt off these couple of weeks
ciao bob

mr.kenneth said...

will definitely be there, bob.

like you, I'm counting the sleeps!


Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

We must catch up at the gig ken,
or after, ciao bob

Andrew McMillen said...

Saw them at the Buller show - amazing. Eternally Yours as a closer was overwhelming. Friday's show will be great. Thanks for the link!

Andy said...

Gday Bob, This looks like a great album, any chance you could place it somewhere else other than zShare, there pesky sight keeps complainin of blockers even when there switched off...

many thanks


Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Hi Andy did you manage to get it to download, I just did, I'd try maybe a different browser like firefox.
IE is Trouble sometimes.

Andy said...

Tried all of that thanks bob but to no avail. I have now tried Firefox, Safari and SeaMonkey and all report the same annoying problem:
You Are Using Ad Block Plus or some other advert blocking software!
zSHARE relies on advertising for revenue!.
Please add zSHARE to your ad blocking whitelist or disable ad blocking when you visit zSHARE

I gladly never use IE at home.



Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Ok Alan I reposted to sharebee so there's a few options, if you get in quick rapidshare works for 10 downloads I think.
If you have any suggestions for a file sharing service that's better fire away, it has to be free, I cant bring myself to pay for things on the internet unless its real stuff.