Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Saints - ATP, Brisbane, 15-01-09

And here it is volume 5 in all its glory, the Saints
most controversial performance of the tour.
Well first I think Chuck has done an awesome
job in cleaning up this recording, its really
completely listenable and the crowd chat
isn't that bad, I've heard much worse.
The band plays a short set, not playing
the entire album as advertised.
I'd love to know what happened there
and missing the signature tune I'm Stranded,
which apparently they planed as an encore,
but because they took too long returning to
stage the pressed for time soundcrew moved
their gear off stage to start the massive
set up for nicks band.
And so we missed out.
All the same short and sweet.
Thanks again to Chuck for all his hard work
and dedication to the cause.

The Saints - ATP Brisbane 15-01-09

01 swing for the crime
02 this perfect day
03 erotic neurotic
04 a minor aversion
05 kissing cousins
06 one way street
07 messing with the kid
08 nights in venice

Download Here


Anonymous said...

Great! Thanks! /M

Bobby said...

Brilliant work, again!

an aside: has anyone come across an easy link to a boot of the Nick Cave Mt. Bulla show? (Or Rob Forster, while I'm scavenging)

The Brisbane Cave and Forster shows are real gems.


chuck said...

wow.. i like the way the covers have come up this time :) any chance of re-uping the other atp covers in nicer quality :))

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

I dont know what I did different chuck

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

I have the rob mt buller show to post,
Im getting to it
ciao bob

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Ok I know what I did Chuck and I can correct it

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

thats better your artwork looks great now

chuck said...

U da man bob ;)