Friday, January 9, 2009

Easter and Not Drowning Waving

Two fantastic vinyl rips of some fine and rare music
from Richard are up at his most excellently named
"Bowie is a Cranky Cat" blog.
Good to his word Richard promised to get himself a
turntable and rip both of these as well as the vinyl
version of "Cold and Crackle" which will come soon.
Thanks Richard this should fill all the holes
in the Not Drowning Waving and associated
projects we had.
So don't wait a moment longer and get over
to Richards blog.

Easter - Cheesecloth. 7" single

Pre Not Drowning, Waving single although it
is the same line up Tim Cole does the
singing. The lyrics are a tad odd but the
music is good.B-side was on the re-release CD
of 'Another Pond',
the A-side is unavailable on CD.

Richard Grant

Track List
01 Cheesecloth
02 Pilon and the Tum Tum Tree

Find it here

Also an excellent soundboard recording of Easter has
surfaced via a mysterious anonymous reader who
has shared this gem with us, thanks and do let
yourself be known, we don't bite.
If anyone has anymore info on this that would
be brilliant, I'm assuming the gig took place
in Melbourne.

Easter existed briefly in 1984
and featured this line-up:

Tim Cole - lead vocals/lyrics
John Phillips - guitars
Jamie Southall - percussions
Russel Bradley - drums
David Bridie - keyboards/vocals
Rowan McKinnon - basses

Before becoming Not Drowning Waving

Track List

Prince Of Wales
2 Nov 1984

01 - Control
02 - Thunder
03 - A Prelude
04 - Collection Day
05 - Another Error
06 - There Are No Heroes
07 - Harristweed

Download Here

Not Drowning Waving with Robby Douglas Ep

EP with performance artist doing David Byrne/Pere Ubu
like yelps/singing - very 1980 Talking Heads style music
as well. 2 of the tracks "I did" and "In the Undergrowth"
are unavailable on CD, the other tracks are on the
re-released version of "Cold and the Crackle"

Richard Grant

Track List
01 I Did
02 Little King
03 Going up the country
04 In the undergrowth

Find it here


Anonymous said...

This might also be of interest - a live 1984 recording of Easter can be found at this link:

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Thanks mr anonymous
Im downloading now
ciao bob

Roger said...

Bob have you seen the clip for Little King? It's nuts - I'll stick it on YouTube when I get around to it and let you know.

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Oh yes roger thanks
that sounds fantastic
I'll have to upload it here