Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Saints - Mt Buller, Victoria All Tomorrows Parties 09-01-2009

A fine audience recording of the Saints performing at
Mt Buller for the All Tomorrows Parties weekend.
Complete with a horn section they play all the best
songs from the bands so sadly short career.
Unfortunately the taper crankingamps,
to whom I'm eternally grateful,
had his batteries go flat just after the
encore song began, so we miss it.
A wonderful and much longer performance
than at Brisbane, with a few songs they
missed up here. Includes a never before
heard saints cover of All Tomorrows Parties.
Richard Sharmans wonderful and might I
add professional photos can be found here
Some more pro shots are here,
They are the work of NerdBurger a lovely
fellow from over at the Ausrock forums.

Track List
01. intro (1:09)
02. Swing For The Crime (4:45)
03. This Perfect Day (3:07)
04. The Chameleon (5:01)
05. No Time (4:04)
06. A Minor Aversion (5:59)
07. (I'm) Stranded (4:22)
08. All Time Through Paradise (4:48)
09. The Prisoner (7:11)
10. Know Your Product (4:07)
11. Messin' With The Kid (8:20)
12. All Tomorrows Parties (3:03)
13. Nights In Venice (8:14)
14. encore (1:36)
15. River Deep Mountain High (0:09 only - remainder missed)

Download Here


chuck said...

wow.. looks like we got rogered here in brisbane :( no brass and shorter set.. be nice to hear some inside gossip on this one day.
still - looking forward to hearing what we missed thanks to taper crankingamps...
ps support the bunny and have spares :) running out of spark is the worst luck next to not enuff tapes .

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

yes inside goss, or we could always make up a story.
I have a copy of the Melbourne gig too now, it is where they played the entire stranded album.
ciao bob

chuck said...

ok- made up story #1 - chuckie style ;)

Ed was furious when chris called him a drummer during set ... after chris heard Ed backstage telling Nick that Chris is looking more and more like Richard Simmons every year !! LMAO

dload stuffed up my end b4 finished so i only got to hear until Prisoner... but sounds very nice.. the brisbane version i have is rank with audience noise as everyone moved down hill when band started.. sadly the least listenable of all the days bands.. hopefully another brisbane version will materialize in near future.. looking forward to melbourne gig recording.

Anonymous said...

Great to hear last saints performance, I think that I never saw them, Orstralia is far from home (France)or may be an europeen tour why not.
I search the 77 live at paddington town hall for download(video), if you have a link.
Bravo again.
Marc France

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Chuck not only are you Brisbanes finest bootlegger you a bloody funny man.
ciao bob

chuck said...

bootlegger sounds so.... dirty ...

i prefer the term "audio historian"

makes me feel like im apart of the sandstone intelligentsia instead of shakin' ma butt down harcourt st.


Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

academic vs dirty,
"audio historian"
it is
Makes me picture someone like
Manning-Clark running round gigs
with a tape recorder LOL
ciao bob

John said...

My sincere thanks to the audio historian :-)