Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Saints at London in 77 : No Punk, No Future, From Eternally yours to Prehistoric sound

Get on over to melting pod for part 2, some fantastic
stuff in this pod much of which was new to me.
Takes you right up to the beginning of the Laughing Clowns.

The second part of the interview with ED KUEPPER about
THE SAINTS when they arrived at London in 77 until the
band split after Prehistoric Sound : a period of time which
was not too much covered in details by the medias until now...
I hope you will learn things you never hear before...:)
A lot of songs excerpts from the second and third albums to
illustrate Ed's talk !!
And some erotic pics in exclusive sent by my
new friend from Melbourne Carbie...:)


Find it here


Anonymous said...

Does any body remember the guitar shop across from Roma Street station. A guy called Mark owned it. Please email me at, if you know what happened to that fella!

bob nebe said...

not me anyone else
ciao bob