Friday, September 10, 2021

Brisbane Bands [HD]

Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Autographed Joh Bjelke Petersen Cartoon


Thanks to blog reader Jarno for this little tidbit from the Joh era:

"Having read and downloaded material from the blog That Striped Sunlight Sound for many years, I thought it was time to actually give something back other than a big thank you.

The attached image of dear old Jo BP is a copy of a doc that floated around Qld Uni in the late 79’s or early 80s when I was there.
Other than it being such a real representation, what struck me at the time (and why I kept the paper) was how could he actually see such a thing and then sign it.  He more likely did not see the criticism.

Anyway, given the image used to head up the That SSS blogsite, I thought you might like a copy.


And THANKS for the education and entertainment


Sunday, July 14, 2019

Danny Widdicombe and Trichotomy 'Between the Lines' Album Launch at The Old Museum. 13-07-19

Danny Widdicombe is one of Brisbane's most exception artists,
with his solo work,work with the Wilson Pickers
and with the Honeysliders
This his latest work is a bunch of breakup songs he penned
that didn't fit with ether of those bands.
He approached Trichotomy a Jazz trio to flesh out the material
and one of this years best albums has come to fruition

Last nights album launch was something really special
I do think the old museum is a beautiful venue anyway
but the atmosphere really suited the music
Kristin Berardi opened the night with a solo set, with was
great and then joined the band
Also Michel Rose joined in on petal steel along with
Trichotomy, Sean Foran, John Parker and Samuel Vincent

This material is a beautiful blend of Americana and jazz,
it grooves it soars. The band all brilliant musicians are
wonderful on these songs.
There was a couple of instrumentals, a couple of covers
Neil Young's Harvest moon and Carol Kings Natural woman
and I'm sure everyone left as spellbound as me
If you get a chance they do it all again next week at the
Imperial Hotel at Eumundi
And have a listen to the first track off the album
and get a copy, this is my album of the year so far
Check out his web site here

From the night Im not around

Sunday, April 7, 2019

Stephen Cummings with Sean Sennett 5-04-19 Brisbane, Triffid

What a wonderful gig, Stephen's last tour before retirement,
Sean Sennett and the I left my heart at highgate hill gang
on support. What more could you ask for!

Well Sean and friends put on a wonderful show as always,
I would have payed my money just to see them
There was many on the wonderful songs from the album
"I left my heart in Highgate Hill" a newer couple of songs
and even one Sean wrote with Stephen
It was sublime and the audience loved them
If you see these guys are doing a show dont miss it

After that difficult to follow support Stephen came on
with his 3 piece super band Sam Lemann, Clare Moore
& Bill McDonald.
Stephens career spans 5 decades, he has just released
the brilliant "Prisoner of love" his 20th solo album
So he is calling it a day, releasing "A life is a life"
a retrospective compilation and doing his final tour

And a show from a man who estimates he has written 500
songs, you can only guess what you will hear
Well they opened with the classic "Dont throw stones"
from the Sports days and toward the end there was
the other great Sports classic "Who listens to the radio"
There was some new songs from the last album
Like "Mr Ripley" and the superb " The wind blows hard"
which I must say was a highlight for me

The band, only a 3 piece but what a sound!
We got a few songs from the 80's like the rolicking
"Hell(you put me through)"
The most beautiful
" When the day is done, when the day is through"
 And the softer"When Love comes back to haunt you"
an absolute highlight.
It was a beautiful and emotional performance
and a wonderful parting gift