Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Gamarra - Kalmadyne Goombridge, Matt Williamson and Friends

The incredibly talented Folk artist Matt Williamson who has
shared so much of his wonderful music has
sent me this beautiful recording that could hold its own
against anything I've heard in contemporary Australian Folk.
He has a heart for this country and for Murri, Koori
spirituality and this is an impressive work> 
So download it have a listen and tell Matt what you think,
as he asks below.

Gday Bob. thought you might enjoy this songcycle we've performed a few

times in bathurst. might have a crack at some crowd funding for this so
would love to get some feedback from your listeners.

 Gamarra. is a story in song of Kalmadyne Goombridge. 

 A Gamilaroi man Wiradjuri sung,  
 it is a story of the spiritual power of the Wiradjuri land 
 and the importance of culture  and tradition. 
 It is a story of feeling. Matt Williamson has used his poetry 
 and music  and the poems of Kalmadyne Goombridge, 
 to create a beautiful and powerful work, 
 that is not only entertaining and informing those who have 
 been lucky enough to catch these few performances, 
 but empowering all those involved. 

The players are.

 Kalmadyne Goombridge (narration).
 Matt Williamson (guitar and vocals).
 Aaron Hopper of "stringman sassy". (guitar)
 Keith Manning of "kanguru". (percussion and tempoura)
 Paul Mcllwraith of "kerrianne cox band". (bass and recording)
 Ashley Bland (didgeridoo).
 Abbie Smith and Sophie Jones (backing vocals).

 01 Tell me a story

 02 Gamilaroi man wiradjuri sung
 03 Identity
 04 48 years
 05 Mother earth
 06 The water
 07 Moree swimming pool
 08 I now know
 09 Boundary rider
 10 Blessed be love 

Download Here